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Article: Sustainability and Technology: A Match Made in Heaven

Sustainability and Technology: A Match Made in Heaven

Sustainability and Technology: A Match Made in Heaven

At Nordifakt, we understand that sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s at the heart of our product development ethos, and we make sure that it’s evident in all our home solutions. We believe that there has never been a better time to develop products that not only care for the environment but also keep our personal spaces clean. That is why, for us, sustainability and technology must work hand in hand.

From sourcing and design to manufacturing and sales, sustainability is closely interwoven with the Nordifakt brand. Let’s take a closer look at how we do it and how our products can optimize your lifestyle.


The Birth of Product Design Focused on Sustainability and Technology

We at Nordifakt take our product design process very seriously. Moreover, we prioritize creating something that makes our customer's life more simple. That’s why we take the greatest of care in ensuring that our products seamlessly incorporate technology and sustainability to elevate the way in which you live your life. What gives us the edge? We use Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology—one of the most advanced silver fabric treatments on the market—to treat all our textiles.

Where did the inspiration behind Nordifakt come from? Sofie, one of Nordifakt’s founders, got the idea in San Francisco after chatting with a development company. She then shared her brainchild with brand cofounder Trine back in Copenhagen. This led them to conceptualize their first item of merchandise: the Copenhagen Towel.

At the same time, Sofie and Trine began searching for the perfect technology partner for the brand. Someone who could help with developing even more sustainable solutions. After a successful launch campaign, the Nordifakt product line began to scale.

At present, our product catalog consists of bath towels, kitchen towels, throws, laundry tools, bedding, and carrier bags. Thanks to sustainability and technology working in tandem, the process of developing products both eco-friendly and highly effective has become much smoother. We aim to become the go-to brand for antibacterial products—and be top-of-mind for all your home sustainability solutions.

Today, everyone needs to do their part for the future of our planet. That’s why Nordifakt’s current focus is on educating customers about how sustainability and technology can complement one another. But it’s not just about “doing the right thing.” Our home solutions are bringing tangible benefits to our customers’ daily lives.sustainability and technologyAntibacterial Skagen Towel in Oat by Nordifakt


We Stand Behind Our Product Whole-Heartedly

Sustainability lies in our everyday habits. By using products that have less of an impact on the earth’s finite resources, we can all contribute toward safeguarding the environment. At Nordifakt, we have actively chosen to include technology in every product we manufacture so as to make them even more sustainable. We already use the highest quality organic materials for all our home solutions, once again leveraging the synergistic relationship between sustainability and technology.

Nordifakt products kill bacteria at the source. We believe that by using our products, consumers will be better placed to build eco-friendly routines. The antibacterial properties of our merchandise come in handy during our day-to-day activities. Towels, clothes, beddings, and dishcloths tend to accumulate bacteria over time, especially when they are used often.

Take gym bags, for example. After a good workout, we tend to wipe ourselves down with a towel, which we then throw into our gym bags. Oftentimes, we’ll even forget that it’s there at all, creating the perfect place for bacteria to grow. The moist, damp conditions of the bag mixed with sweat on the towel cause bacteria to spread, making both the towel and bag dirty and smelly.

The scenario is completely different with a Nordifakt towel. Our antibacterial technology kills 99.9% of bacteria, stopping its growth at the source and allowing our products to stay fresher for longer. As a result, you also don’t need to wash your towels and bedding as often because they remain hygienic. This leads to sustainable usage, as well as having a positive impact on the way you live.

From Our Homes

Many of our products were inspired by what we needed in our own homes. Apart from incorporating sustainability and technology, we wanted to highlight practicality. For instance, consider the challenges that real families and individuals face. How could Nordifakt help solve some of their problems?

For busy families, one of the most time-consuming chores is the regular washing of clothing and linen. Working moms—especially those with young children—find their laundry duties to be never-ending, particularly considering the time constraints they face.

Typically, towels and bedding are washed every week or so to ensure they stay fresh and hygienic. With Nordifakt products, it’s an entirely different scenario. Our towels can be used for between four and six weeks before needing a wash, while our bedding can go up to eight weeks without being laundered.

Every wash uses roughly 40 liters of water. When done repeatedly, this translates to water waste. With less washing, you get to save water, lessening your environmental impact. In addition, you’ll be using a lot less energy with appliances such as washing machines and tumble driers. And as a bonus, without frequent washing, your sustainable towels and bedding will last a lot longer.

As Sofie, one of our founders would say, Nordifakt “provides a little bit of guilt-free living.” Moreover, you can rest assured that our manufacturing process is equally sustainable. Meaning you get to do better without using more.sustainability and technologyAntibacterial Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel by Nordifakt

Nordifakt: Your Choice For Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Technology

At Nordifakt, we’re committed to sustainable lifestyles. And to ensure this, we utilize top technology to develop, create, and manufacture the best products possible. There’s no viable option these days to living sustainably, reducing our carbon footprint, and protecting the earth’s natural resources.

Given the importance of our everyday choices, it’s good to know that Nordifakt is delivering a sustainable alternative. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of our products are helping to protect the health of both consumers and their families.

Optimize your lifestyle; protect the planet. Check out the full range of Nordifakt products here.

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