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Article: Feng Shui: Nordifakt’s Guide for Bedrooms

Feng Shui: Nordifakt’s Guide for Bedrooms

Feng Shui: Nordifakt’s Guide for Bedrooms

For many homeowners, the energy they feel in their living space is an important part of how comfortable they are in their homes. Some even believe they can design their space to promote harmony and balance. This is where the ancient Chinese art of feng shui comes in.

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Many believe you can balance the energy in your home by abiding by the principles of this practice. After all, any homeowner would love harmony and balance in their living spaces—especially those who aim to lead a more minimalist lifestyle.

For most people, their bedroom is their most private and personal space. For a truly comfortable place to rest, you can design your room in such a way that energy flows freely. Use this guide to employ Feng Shui's best practices in your bedroom.

What Is Feng Shui?

As mentioned, feng shui is a traditional Chinese art that helps a person design their living space in a way that aligns with what they want for their life. You can trace its roots back to early Taoism, but it has become prominent in many cultures today. The practice is sometimes also known as Chinese geomancy.

Feng shui comes from the words “Feng,” which is Chinese for wind, and “Shui,” the Chinese word for water. Loosely translated to “the way of the wind and water,” this refers to how the practice encourages the flow of energy around an individual’s environment.

You can design the energy flow of a space by positioning furniture and other elements in a certain way. If done correctly, this will promote happiness, wealth, and one’s overall well-being.


Elements of Feng Shui

“Chi,” or energy, is believed to be present in all spaces. Feng shui states that this energy circulates around spaces and leaves and enters through openings like windows and doors. The core principles of this ancient Chinese art revolve around the types of objects placed in a space. Specifically, it looks at where these objects are positioned—close to or far from a door, for example—to encourage the best flow of energy.

Feng shui also focuses on the five key elements: water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Water corresponds to emotion, fire to boldness, earth to stability, wood to growth, and metal to order. Balancing the appearance of these elements in one’s space is key to fixing its feng shui.

When working with Chinese feng shui masters, you will encounter a tool called a Bagua map. This map serves as a blueprint for various areas of life. For example, a Bagua map can show you areas that correspond to wealth, marriage, or good health. You can then compare this with your living space’s floor plan to see the best places to position furniture and décor.

It’s important to note that feng shui is not one-size-fits-all. You must modify your living space according to your personal goals and the space and elements you have to work with. By keeping an open mind and practicing this art’s principles to the best of your ability, you can encourage a better flow of energy in your life.

Nordifakt’s Guide to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

While it’s good to balance the energy in all the rooms in your home, feng shui philosophy states that your bedroom is the most important room in your living space. Compared to other spaces, you tend to spend the most time in your bedroom. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure an optimal flow of energy there. Here are some steps you can take to abide by this ancient Chinese art’s principles.

Eliminate Clutter

In feng shui, clutter is the enemy. Each item in your space must have a purpose. You could even say this goes hand in hand with living a minimalist lifestyle. That’s why, when designing your bedroom, you should only include items that you really need and will help you get the best rest in your bedroom. Avoid having trash scattered around as well because this will hinder the flow of energy in your space.

Items Should Support Your Bedroom’s Primary Purpose

Your bedroom has one primary purpose: to encourage rest and relaxation. Most of the time, people tend to use their bedrooms for other activities such as working and watching TV. This shouldn’t be the case because your bedroom is meant to be a getaway from all these stimulating activities.

To have better feng shui in your bedroom, fill it with furniture and items that help you relax. Nordifakt’s Antibacterial Frederiksberg Bedding can give you a comfortable night’s sleep, while the Antibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket is perfect for staying warm and cozy. Both can make your bedroom more restful, which encourages better feng shui.Antibacterial Frederiksberg Bedding in Cloud White

Have the Right Color Scheme

It can be tempting to paint and decorate your bedroom in bright, lively colors. However, this can lead to overstimulation and hinder your bedroom’s primary purpose. For better feng shui, stick to neutral, calming colors like creams, browns, and similar shades.

Peach is also a good bedroom color, but use it sparingly as it can sometimes be too effective at attracting partners. In addition, avoid using white on a big part of your bedroom because it can be too stimulating.

Add a Plant or Two

Plants strengthen the wood element in your space and encourage the flow of wealth into your life. However, for bedrooms, it’s highly recommended to add a plant that promotes rest and relaxation. This can round out your bedroom and make it feel more comfortable. Consider ferns and jade plants, as these are believed to increase relaxing feminine energy.

Practice Feng Shui With Nordifakt

The principles of feng shui are excellent for ensuring your living space has a great flow of energy. As a result, the practice can elevate all aspects of your life.

Nordifakt’s antibacterial technology and minimalist products can help you improve your space’s feng shui. Explore the entire Nordifakt collection of towels, bedding, and more today.

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