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Article: The Sustainable Shoppers’ Guide to Long-Lasting Home Goods and Products

The Sustainable Shoppers’ Guide to Long-Lasting Home Goods and Products

The Sustainable Shoppers’ Guide to Long-Lasting Home Goods and Products

Sustainable shopping and upcycling choices benefit our planet’s overall health and help us, as consumers, save money and stay healthy. Nordifakt’s products are a suitable eco-friendly alternative—our antibacterial and self-cleaning properties make your home goods last longer and require less washing. This leads to less wear and tear and less water usage.

If we make intentional choices while shopping for our home goods, we can improve our overall sustainability. But what does sustainability mean for us daily? Use this guide for sustainable shopping ideas for your entire home.

Nordifakt home goodsAntibacterial Towels by Nordifakt

What Makes a Sustainable Home Goods Product?

If you worry about your environmental impact, look for sustainable products rather than single-use disposable products. However, finding eco-friendly products can be challenging.

Brands from cleaning supplies to sheet sets make “green” claims on their packaging. But a savvy shopper can research product sustainability based on three categories: environmental, social, and economical. Look at a company’s overall impact within its community, as well as its environmental and economic practices.

As the consumer, you benefit from sustainable shopping with your well-being and long-term financial wellness. You can find green home goods for every part of your home, and Nordifakt is here to help.

For the Kitchen and Dining Area

Many of the tools and utensils we use in the kitchen are single-use products. Luckily, the kitchen is also one of the simplest places in the house to shop for sustainable home goods.

home goods - dish towelFrederiksberg Linen Dish Towel in Blue Mirage by Nordifakt

Wooden Cooking Utensils

Wooden spoons and utensils are traditional kitchen items that have been used for centuries worldwide. They’re perfect for stirring food, as wood is naturally antibacterial. In addition, wooden utensils don’t conduct heat or scratch pans. Wood is also one of the most sustainable products for your utensils because it’s a renewable and long-lasting resource.

Wooden Dining Utensils

Using glass, metal, or wooden utensils like straws, forks, spoons, and knives rather than plastic and paper ensure zero waste. You can also find travel sets of these items for those who like to eat sustainably on the go.

Linen Dish Towels and Cleaning Cloths

When we have messes, we need help cleaning up. Paper towels are single-use, and sponges breed bacteria. However, you can wash and reuse linen towels repeatedly. The Nordifakt Frederiksberg linen dish towel adds to the longevity of your cleaning supplies. These dish towels are treated with Polygiene Biostatic Stays Fresh technology, a safe antibacterial technology that prevents bacterial growth and reduces how often you’ll need to wash these towels.

Eco-Friendly Shopper Bag

Reusable bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic shopping bags. Antibacterial Nordifakt shopping bags come in various sleek colors and carry everything from your groceries to your exercise equipment.

Reusable Food Bags and Wraps

Single-use plastic baggies and wraps end up in landfills, streets, and oceans. Instead, you can substitute these items with reusable food bags and beeswax food wraps. Beeswax food wraps add sustainability because they’re completely organic and biodegradable. In addition, silicone food bags are washable, long-lasting, and body-safe.

For the Bathroom

Reducing power and water usage should be a top priority if you seek sustainable home goods in the bathroom. For instance, low-flow water fixtures and certified energy-efficient appliances substantially reduce waste. Selecting suitable towels and considering your washing habits can impact your sustainability choices.

antibacterial towelAntibacterial Towel by Nordifakt

Sustainable Towels

Sustainable home goods can start with your towel selection. Towels can build up bacteria and smells, so you must wash them frequently. Nordifakt offers antibacterial towels, including the Copenhagen and the Skagen organic towels. Like the Frederiksberg dishtowels, these are treated with the Polygiene Biostatic Stays Fresh technology.

The Copenhagen offers a soft honeycomb weave that gives you a spa-like feel and helps you dry off ultra-fast. The Skagen feels like a plush, traditional bath towel, loomed in a premium 800-gram weight.

Wool Dryer Balls

Nothing feels better than a nice warm towel right after your shower. Wool dryer balls decrease drying time by 30% and naturally keep towels soft. Nordifakt wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to fabric softeners. Plus, you can use them more than 1,000 times, while fabric sheets are single-use.

For the Bedroom and Living Room

Home goods with antibacterial and self-cleaning properties last longer and need less washing, leading to less wear and tear and less water usage. If you follow the care instructions, you can enjoy your sheets, blankets, and other sustainable home goods for years to come.

throw blanket - home goodsAntibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket by Nordifakt

Eco-Friendly Blankets

Everyone has a favorite blanket they love to use, whether in the living room or the bedroom. When shopping for blankets, seek antibacterial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria, so you don’t have to wash them often. Antibacterial technology helps your favorite blanket last longer and prevents it from developing unpleasant odors between washes.

Nordifakt’s Stockholm Throw Blanket is large, soft, and luxurious and has the same antibacterial properties as our towels. Without bacteria present, you don’t have to worry about the time between washes.

Antibacterial Bedding and Sheets

Sustainable bedding is attractive, cozy, and eco-friendly. Nordifakt Frederiksberg bedding offers the same quality and antibacterial properties found in other Nordifakt textiles. These sheets are self-cleaning and kill 99.9% of bacteria, keeping your bedding feeling fresher for longer.

Sustainable Mattresses

Pairing your sustainable, self-cleaning sheets with an environmentally friendly, long-lasting mattress is essential. Sustainable mattresses should be Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. This certification guarantees the textile production process adheres to limitations and standards in using toxic chemicals, bleaches, and dyes. Look for a quilted mattress with organic wool and micro coils that allow good airflow to ensure a soft, breathable surface and a supportive base.

Fair Trade Pillowcases

Pillowcases are the closest items to your mouth and nose, where you’re most likely to pick up illnesses. Pillowcases that use organic fabrics or boast antibacterial technology help your pillowcases stay cleaner for longer. Nordifakt bedding includes both of these qualities.

Sustainable Home Goods for Every Room

When shopping sustainably, you want to always seek out products with inherent bacteria-fighting properties and encourage zero-waste practices. At Nordifakt, we use one of the world’s most advanced and sustainable fabric technologies. This technology increases the longevity and sustainability of home goods by reducing the washes required to minimize the spread of bacteria.

Check out our exclusive collection of sustainably produced and antibacterial towels, blankets, and other home goods today.

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