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About Us

At Nordifakt we use technology to create simple and long lasting eco-friendly products that makes a noticeable difference in people’s lives. The antibacterial technology engineered into all our products, means less washing and less replacing. The combination of technology and durability is good for the environment as well as your wallet.

We strongly believe that adding technology to our products is the future and a way to carry sustainability even further. Eco-friendly does not mean we need to go back to the time of horse drawn carriage technologies to protect the environment. Instead we are finding ways to use technology in a positive way, to improve and make the products we surround ourselves with healthier, more efficient and smarter. 

At Nordifakt, we know the importance of balancing it all and we want to help you in your busy life. We create products that helps alleviate the guilty conscience of not getting the laundry done.

Nordifakt believes that home essentials should fit into several aspects of your life, giving you the widest range and flexibility possible from our products, which is why dual use is an essential feature. We love that you can use our products in multiple situations on the same day, without compromising hygiene.

The name Nordifakt is composed by the words Nord (North) and Artefakt (Artifact). As a Danish company our identity is rooted in the classic aesthetics of the north and the functional demands of the artifacts in your home - with our products, your home is everywhere.

Nordifakt Founders Trine Ørbæk Johansen and Sofie King