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Article: Sustainability in Business: How Nordifakt Redefines Environmental Habits

Sustainability in Business: How Nordifakt Redefines Environmental Habits

Sustainability in Business: How Nordifakt Redefines Environmental Habits

Sustainability in business and our lives has become more important than ever. The effects of the climate crisis are reverberating around the world, and things will only get worse if we don’t work to mitigate our impact. By committing to sustainable living, we can help the planet heal. This, in turn, ensures that future generations will have access to the resources they need to survive and thrive. That is our greatest responsibility as humans, after all—to pass the most well-lit torch as gracefully as possible—isn’t it? Granted, making changes within our homes and personal spaces isn’t enough. We must take sustainability seriously in business, practicing sustainability in business producing organic fabric with cotton on topSource: Shutterstock

More and more companies are taking the steps necessary to adopt more sustainable practices. At Nordifakt, we acknowledge the importance of responsible resource use and strive to put this belief into action at every turn. We also encourage others to develop eco-friendly, sustainable habits to protect the planet.

This is how Nordifakt is redefining environmental habits and practicing sustainability in business.

The Problem of Textile Waste

Textile waste occurs when clothing items and fabrics are disposed of without a plan to reuse or recycle them. Fast fashion houses are particularly notorious for textile waste because of the rapid turnover of clothes.

Fashion trends change so rapidly that fast fashion brands replace ‘old’ designs with new ones in mere days. Meanwhile, unsold clothing goes into the bin, further contributing to the textile waste problem. Fast fashion houses also tend to use non-renewable resources, such as petroleum, to manufacture clothes. Non-renewable resources are among the main pollutants plaguing the planet. Relying on them for anything, much less for an industry as demanding as fashion, is a recipe for disaster.

To put this into numbers, nearly 60% of fashion waste ends up in landfills, while another 25% is incinerated altogether. As if that’s not bad enough, producing just one shirt requires 2,700 liters of water. That’s enough water for the average person to survive on for 2.5 years! Yeah, we’re speechless, too.

The textile industry has a major impact on the conditions of the planet, so it’s mission critical for brands to adopt sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices. This may entail auditing internal practices and processes. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, after all. Still, it’s important to remember that every bit counts. Even taking small steps towards sustainability in business can have huge impacts on the environment we all depend on.

Sustainability in Business: Not Just a Buzzword, But a Way of Living

Consumers are now more likely to patronize brands that promote environmentally friendly practices. Express your mission and sustainable habits often and loudly for consumers to mimic. When making purchasing decisions, modern consumers tend to focus more on what they need rather than what they want. They also try to adopt sustainable habits into their day-to-day activities, such as reducing their red meat consumption or opting for greener transport.

To adopt more environmentally—and economically—sustainable habits, consumers are also veering away from single-use plastics. They would rather purchase items they can reuse and store for a longer time. The same goes for the fabrics and textiles they use, such as towels. Traditional towels typically need frequent washing to stay clean and hygienic. However, using antibacterial towels like ours reduces the need for washing—curbing your household’s water and energy usage.

Made from 100% organic cotton, our Skagen Towel is durable and lightweight. It is sustainably produced and fit for any area of the home. The fabric is treated with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology to combat bacteria and stay clean for weeks without washing.

Here at Nordifakt, sustainability is far more than just a buzzword. It’s a lifestyle—one to practice in all aspects of our lives—and our team works tirelessly to put our money where our mouth is.

Practicing sustainability in business starts by reflecting on how we operate and ensuring responsible use of the resources we all share. When you shop with Nordifakt, you can rest assured that we only use the highest quality organic materials in our manufacturing. This makes our products more durable and better equipped to withstand the test of time.

Sustainability and Waste: The Positive Impact

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of sustainable living is leaving behind a habitable, thriving planet for future generations to enjoy. By implementing sustainable practices into our everyday lives, we can lessen our footprint.

By practicing sustainability in business, brands get to reduce their environmental impact on a larger scale. They are also able to make smarter business decisions and increase their overall efficiency. When you think beyond yourself, everybody wins.

Furthermore, when it comes to sustainability, no action is too big or too small. Every measure contributes to the overall well-being of the planet, and the perfect time to invest in sustainable habits is now.

Sustainability in Business With Nordifakt

It’s never been more important for consumers and businesses alike to adopt sustainable practices. Our planet has suffered tremendously from years of pollution, carbon emissions, and waste—all of which have culminated in a climate crisis that will affect all of us. Not just us, today, either. Many vital resources are running out, endangering the well-being of future generations.

That is exactly why we do what we do here at Nordifakt. It’s our mission to provide consumers with sustainable home solutions that elevate their everyday lives and help them develop eco-friendly habits. Equipped with antibacterial technology, our products require less washing and maintenance—saving our customers water, energy, and cash.

Make your home more sustainable by adopting eco-friendly solutions. Check out the full Nordifakt product range here!

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