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Article: Your Family Will Thank You: Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Your Family Will Thank You: Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Your Family Will Thank You: Best Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are less than a month away! You know what that means—it's time to get your Christmas gift ideas in order. Granted, with a mile-long list of beloveds and even more scattered tastes, that’s a lot easier said than done. Worry not, we’ve done all the hard work to make this holiday season a breeze. Our eco-friendly home essentials are sure to win over your family, friends, and everyone in between!

Antibacterial Copenhagen Towel by Nordifakt

Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Member of the Family

You’ll be pleased to learn that our product line works to serve everyone by merging utility and luxury. Even better, every item exemplifies our mission of creating change through hygienic and sustainable materials.

In the same breath, we know how important it is to have clean sheets and towels. There’s nothing quite like bundling up in a fluffy towel after a shower or tucking into a bed of freshly washed linens. But, to achieve that level of comfort and hygiene, how many loads of laundry are you doing each week? Not only does it add to your chore list, but washing linens and towels on high heat uses a lot of energy and water, too.

Our bedding, towels, dishcloths, and throws are designed with the health of your family and the earth in mind, making them great Christmas gift ideas. With Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology, our smart textiles are finished with a silver salt (AgCl) treatment that kills 99.9% of all bacteria. That means your antibacterial sheets and towels stay fresher for longer between washes. And when you do throw them in the laundry, the cool cycle works as well as heat on traditional linens—saving money and energy. Not to mention, less laundry and cooler water mean a longer lifespan!

Copenhagen Towel

So many of us are busy multi-tasking from sunrise until our heads hit the pillow at night. In the mornings, I’m jetting between packing my kids’ lunches and adjusting my Zoom meeting background. I can barely get a breath in between cleaning up literal spilled milk and catching up on emails. What do I want for Christmas? The impossible: time.

Cue: the Copenhagen towel. Its self-cleaning properties mean that you can swap that extra load of laundry for some well-deserved R&R. The silver salt treatment gives the towel antibacterial properties, keeping it fresh and odor-free. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Copenhagen towel is woven with a honeycomb texture able to make any bathroom feel like an at-home spa.

Best Christmas gift for: Parents! Whether it’s your own mom and dad or your friends who just started a family, all parents need some R&R. A set of these organic towels will shower them with lush fabric and what they really want—more time.Antibacterial Copenhagen Towel by Nordifakt

Skagen Towel

Caring for children is a full-time job in itself. It’s only through the power of love that I (and parents everywhere) manage to keep them safe, nourished, and engaged 24/7. Living through the pandemic, I’ve become especially conscious of all the germs we’re exposed to without even realizing it. Luckily, Nordifakt’s Skagen towels work overtime to keep my family safe. Plush and soft, these organic cotton towels are perfect for my little ones. Integrated with the silver salt treatment, these cozy towels kill bacteria and stay clean for longer than ordinary towels.

Best Christmas gift for: Families with young children. The ultra-soft fabric is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, and keeps curious, touchy toddlers safe from what they can’t see.

christmas gift ideas nordifakt skagen antibacterial towelAntibacterial Skagen Towel by Nordifakt

Frederiksberg Bedding

Just imagine for a moment: you finish the last sip of bedtime tea as you bookmark your place in your favorite novel. You head to bed and pull back the covers to reveal crisp, clean sheets. There’s simply nothing better. But, I sure don’t have time to wash my sheets as much as I should (and don’t even ask about my duvet cover). That’s why Nordifakt’s antibacterial bedding has changed my life. It kills off bacteria so I don’t have to do laundry as often, yet I still get to feel like I’m sleeping in fresh bedding under my Fredericksberg sheets every night. The organic Percale cotton sheets come in a selection of calming colors, transforming your bedroom into a cozy oasis.

Best Christmas gift for: Your grandparents are sure to adore this bedding set. From luxurious duvet covers to self-cleaning sheets, they will sleep peacefully knowing they have less laundry to do and more time to spend with their family.antibacterial bedding as christmas gift ideaAntibacterial Frederiksberg Bedding by Nordifakt

Stockholm Throw Blanket

Snuggling up at home is the perfect way to relax after a long day of work. When you’re exhausted or just want to kick your feet up, there’s nothing more inviting than a couch draped in a cozy throw blanket. The Stockholm throw is made from organic cotton, providing warmth throughout the chilly winter and breathability in the warmer months. Still, like all of our products, its practicability is only half what this blanket offers. Coming in a selection of calming colors with a tasteful fringe, this blanket upgrades the aesthetic of any couch or bed it adorns.

Best gift for: That fashionable young adult in your life. Throw blankets are one of those pieces that makes a house feel like a home. This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for your sibling who just moved into a new apartment or your cousin who hasn’t had time to decorate. Treated with antibacterial properties, this blanket will look great without doing more harm than gift ideas antibacterial stockholm blanketAntibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket by Nordifakt

Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is truly where practicality and style intersect. My kitchen is the heart of the home, yet it’s constantly getting dirty. I’m cycling through my stock of dish towels quicker than I can wash them. But the Frederiksberg linen dish towel has been a saving grace. Made from antibacterial fabric, I can trust I’m not fostering colonies of bacteria in the folds of my dish towels. My towels aren’t so smelly, and I don’t have to wash them as often. These beautiful linen towels come in multiple colors to match any aesthetic—making them the perfect Christmas gift ideas for any homeowner in your life.

Best Christmas gift for: Anyone who enjoys cooking! Parents, grandparents, nieces, and nephews, this lovely linen dish towel will brighten up anyone’s kitchen and lighten their load of laundry, too!christmas gift ideas antibacterial dish towel frederiksbergAntibacterial Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel

Shopper Bag

What is the one thing I never think to buy for myself, yet I always need more of? Bags! I take them everywhere—the grocery store, the gym, road trips, everywhere. I nearly always have a reliable, reusable bag over my shoulder or in the back of my car. The Nordifakt antibacterial shopper bag is a sleek and sturdy option to help me tackle the day. Boasting antibacterial properties, you can fill it with groceries without needing to toss it in the wash every week. As a sustainability bonus, we make this bag from the fabric scraps of our bedding line to further reduce waste, too.

Best Christmas gift for: Everyone! This is a must-have accessory for absolutely anyone. Practical and stylish, the shopper bag is the perfect stocking stuffer. It could even be the stocking itself!christmas gift ideas antibacterial shopper bag by nordifaktAntibacterial Nordifakt Shopper Bag by Nordifakt

Gift Card

If you really feel stuck coming up with Christmas gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a gift card! It’s the perfect cover for a last-minute holiday party or that person who wants to pick something out themselves. Introduce them to a brand that shares their values, but let them take the lead.

Best Christmas gift for: When creativity fails, but generosity prevails! Did you pick a random co-worker in your office gift exchange? Don’t overthink it, get them a gift card. Have an aunt who always returns your presents for something in a different color? Let her pick her aesthetic for herself with a gift gift ideas gift card for nordifakt productsGift Card by Nordifakt

Something for Everyone

Take the stress out of thinking up Christmas gift ideas. Our product line at Nordifakt has something for everyone. You can never go wrong with gifting beautiful and useful home essentials, after all. Everyone from grandma to cousin Bernie will love the intentionality and quality behind our products. Start ticking off your Christmas list—and maybe even find something for yourself—today!

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