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Article: Moving Abroad? Here’s Your Guide to Bed Sheets & Mattress Sizes Around the World

Moving Abroad? Here’s Your Guide to Bed Sheets & Mattress Sizes Around the World

Moving Abroad? Here’s Your Guide to Bed Sheets & Mattress Sizes Around the World

A good night’s sleep is essential to our well-being. It affects our health, cognitive function, work performance, and mood. Whether you’re moving abroad short-term or indefinitely, making sure you get plenty of quality rest will help you acclimate to your new life that much smoother. The bed and bedding in your new setting can play an important role in the quality of rest you get. In the same way that shoe sizes, clothing, and power adaptors all vary from country to country, bed sizes do, too. Here, we’ll provide you with the most common global standards for mattress sizes to make your transition as comfy as possible.mattress sizesAntibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket in Stormy by Nordifakt

Comparison of Bed Sizes Around the World

Due to differences in manufacturing and country standards, bed and mattress sizes can vary greatly across the globe. For example, your queen-size duvet cover and sheets from the US won’t fit a queen bed in Europe. You might be hard-pressed to find a queen-size anything at all. Don’t worry—as always, Nordifakt has your back. Here’s a breakdown of common sizing standards around the world.

USA Mattress Sizes

The US has a great variety of mattress sizes to choose from, with extra-length and novelty additions. They include:


In North America, a twin mattress (also referred to as a ‘single’) is ideal for young children and is generally found in college dorms. A standard twin is 99 cm × 191 cm (38 in × 75 in). A twin extra-long is the same width, but slightly longer at 203 cm (80 in).

Full Size

A full size mattress has a US standard size of 137 cm x 191 cm (54 in × 75 in). The extra-length version maintains the same width and has a length of 203 cm (80 in). This mattress size is popular with older children, single adults, and those who love to snuggle and snooze with their pets.


Queen mattress sizes are popular with couples, single adults, and adults with pets or small kids that occasionally want to share the bed. A standard US queen mattress size is 152 cm × 203 cm (60 in x 80 in) while a super queen boasts extra width—measuring 166 cm x 203cm (66 in x 80 in). A California queen, on the other hand, has a regular width but longer length and measures 152 cm × 213 cm (60 in × 84 in).


The largest size category in mattress sizes is king, which also includes California king and split king. A standard king size is 193 cm × 203 cm (76 in × 80 in), whereas a California king or West Coast king is slightly longer and not quite as wide at 183 cm × 213 cm (72 in × 84 in).

A split king comprises two mattresses positioned alongside each other. This is a good option for partners who prefer different mattress types, or B&Bs that want the option to cater to couples while being able to split the bed into two singles. Each mattress in this case measures 99 cm × 203 cm (38 in × 80 in) to form a total of 198 cm x 203cm (76 in x 80 in).

There are also a few less common, larger versions of king beds available.

UK Mattress Sizes

Comparing UK and US mattress sizes can be somewhat confusing as the same name doesn’t necessarily mean the same size. Although many UK mattresses are 190 cm (75 in) in length, they range in 7.6 cm (3 in) increments between 190 cm and 220 cm (75 in and 87 in). When determining sizes, we recommend you check the length of each bed individually and go by the standard width as indicated below.


At 76 cm (30 in) wide, a small single is ideal for toddlers or children. A standard single measures 91 cm (36 in) wide.


A small double in the UK (also referred to as a three-quarter or prince size) has a width of 120 cm (48 in). A standard double, which is also referred to as a queen size in the UK, is similar to the American full size mattress with a width of 140 cm (54 in).


The standard UK king mattress width is 150 cm (60 in) while the super king is 180 cm (72 in). An Eastern king size is closer to a US standard king with a width of 200 cm (78 in). As with US mattress sizes, the UK offers less common, larger sizes as well.

Germany Bed Sizes

In Germany, bed sizing is pretty simple. The standard size for a single bed is 90 cm x 200 cm. Two single mattresses next to each other make a double. Singles who prefer something bigger can get a large single with a 140 cm width. Couples who prefer a larger bed can get a large double with a 200 cm width. Although there are other sizes available, these are the most common mattresses to buy in Germany.

Other EU Mattress Sizes

In modern continental Europe, you identify mattress sizes by their width or size rather than by a name like ‘king’ or ‘queen’. The standard bed length is 200 cm (79 in), but it’s worth noting that older beds in France and Spain may be closer to 190 cm (75 in). Unique sizes available in some EU countries are an extra-small bed (75 cm/30 in width), a small single (80 cm/31 in), and a large single (100 cm/39 in).

Furthermore, Scandinavian countries each have their own standard dimensions. For example, Norway very practically uses two small single mattresses (75 cm × 200 cm/30 in × 79 in) to make up a king bed and two standard single mattresses (90 cm × 200 cm/35 in × 79 in) to make up a queen.

Asian Mattress Sizes

Singapore and Malaysia share a standard bed length of 190 cm (75 in), while Japan has a standard length of 195 cm (76.8 in). Extra-length mattresses are also available. Although mattress sizes are referred to as ‘queen’, ‘king, or ‘single’, their dimensions are different than the US and UK mattresses with the same name. And where there’s no specific local standard sizing being used, they may use the US standard.

Elsewhere Abroad

In both Australia and New Zealand, the standard mattress length is 203 cm (80 in). Though the Australian queen is the same size as its US counterpart, be aware that a California king in Australia is larger than a US California King. Australia and New Zealand also have additional mattress sizes—such as the single extra long measuring 92 cm × 203 cm (36 in × 80 in) and the king single measuring 106 cm × 203 cm (41 in × 80 in).

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International Pillow Sizes

The most common pillow sizes around the world are standard, square (Euro), or king. In the United States, you will also find jumbo and queen sizes. If you are relocating abroad, make sure you check pillowcase sizes to match your mattress since these can differ from country to country.

Standard Pillow Sizes

A standard pillow size in the USA, Canada, and Australia is 51 cm × 66 cm (20 in × 26 in) while the EU size is slightly longer measuring 50 cm × 70 cm (20 in × 27 in). Standard pillows are ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers that don’t move around too much at night. They fit well on twin, full, or queen beds, but will not fill a king or super king bed when placed side-by-side.

Denmark, on the other hand, has a shorter but wider standard pillow design measuring 60 cm × 63 cm (23.5 in × 25 in). Two of these fit well on larger beds.

Queen Pillow Sizes

Measuring 10 cm longer than a standard pillow, the queen pillow is 51 cm × 76 cm (20 in × 30 in) in the USA, Canada, and Australia. It is not a common size in Europe.

This extra-length pillow is a good option if you are an active sleeper. Since the width is the same as a standard pillow, it will fit equally well on a twin or queen bed. These can be used with king beds, although they will not fit the entire width when positioned side-by-side. Although some people use a standard pillowcase, the fit on a queen pillow will be too snug to get the extra-length benefit.

King Pillow Sizes

A king pillow size in the USA, Canada, and Australia is 51 cm × 91 cm (20 in × 36 in). Just like standard pillows, the European version is 10 cm wider measuring 50 cm × 101 cm (20 in × 40 in)

This is a great choice if you like to sit in bed and read or watch television. They fit well side-by-side on a king bed, although some people also use them on queen and twin beds.

Other Pillow Sizes

A common pillow size in Europe, Britain, and Scandinavia is what is referred to as a Euro or square pillow. This pillow measure 60 cm x 63 cm (24 in × 25 in) in the EU and some Scandinavian countries. European square pillows are often used as decorative pillows and work well as stacking pillows.

Sustainability in the Right Size With Nordifakt

Whether you’re moving abroad for a season or forever, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Don’t let bedding add to it. Nordifakt offers you sustainable, high-quality bedding and linen with metric and imperial size guides to match. Our organic fabrics even boast antibacterial technology, so they stay cleaner for longer. That’s right, less time spent washing means more time spent out exploring your new home. Not to mention, you get to lighten your eco-footprint without even thinking about it.

Simplify your life while creating change. Discover our product range of bedding, blankets, towels, and totes here.

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