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Article: Family Towel Solutions: Stop Settling for Smelly, Musty Towels!

Family Towel Solutions: Stop Settling for Smelly, Musty Towels!

Family Towel Solutions: Stop Settling for Smelly, Musty Towels!

Finding those smelly, musty towels lurking in hidden places like gym bags and the back of cupboards is never fun! Not only are they smelly but they are also the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and microbes that could harm your family. Nordifakt prides itself on supplying sustainable and eco-friendly home supplies and family towel solutions. We are committed to ensuring people from all walks of life get the products they deserve while lessening their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in all aspects. Read more here.

We use towels every day, from drying off after a bath to soaking up spills. Because a family towel is incredibly versatile, it tends to harbor a wide range of bacteria and other microbes that could harm you and your loved ones.

Dirty, heavy towels are the perfect breeding ground for germs—they’re damp, absorbent, and warm. Bacteria thrive in these conditions, leaving you with towels that might look clean but smell musty. It’s vital to have a list of solutions to keep your family towels fresh.

Used towels can potentially transmit germs and infectious diseases if they’re not properly dealt with. One study found that out of 100 unwashed kitchen towels, nearly half showed signs of bacterial infestation—most of which were found to have come from human intestines. A family towel can also harbor a lot of illness-causing germs, which is particularly alarming when you have children, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals in your household.

While it’s impossible to rid your towels of all bacteria, there’s an urgent need to halt the spread of as many germs and bacteria as possible. Thorough and frequent cleaning can help, but is there anything else you can do? We have solutions that can help everyone in your family keep their towel clean and funk-free.

It’s time to meet our sample customers who find that Nordifakt products fit perfectly into their lives. Let’s see who you are most like!

Antibacterial Copenhagen Towel by Nordifakt

Our Customer, Busy Mom Mandy: I Don’t Have Time for Laundry—Help!

We all know how difficult it is to juggle multiple things all at once. Sometimes, there are certain things we cannot do because we’re pressed for time. Take our pretend friend Mandy, for example. Mandy has a full-time job and is also raising her two children. Because of this, her schedule stays packed with back-to-back activities and chores to ensure she keeps everything in tip-top shape. Naturally, she wants to ensure her kids are healthy by making sure their belongings are clean.

However, there are instances when Mandy’s schedule prevents her from being able to wash all the clothes, towels, and linens. Mandy has limited time to do laundry, and she’s often unable to include their heavy towels because her children forget to put them in the proper hampers, so they get overlooked. Additionally, large, heavy towels often make up a full load of laundry by themselves, making them difficult to clean and wash. Busy Mom Mandy, however, still wants to make sure her kids are using clean towels at all times.

There are tons of tips and tricks working moms can use to stay on top of their ever-growing laundry pile. Here are some of the best tips for making sure you finish your laundry.

Get Your Kids Involved

Getting your laundry done can turn into a fun, family activity. For busy moms with tight schedules, carving out a designated laundry day is a must. If you have children above the age of three, they can help gather dirty clothes and sort them out. Older children can be taught how to operate the washing machine and the different cleaning products used for towel solutions when doing laundry to practice sustainabilityAntibacterial Skagen Towel in Oat, Dove, and Slate Grey by Nordifakt

Laundry day can also be a great opportunity to teach your little ones about responsibility. Giving them laundry as a chore will teach them about the importance of keeping their clothes clean and how to manage their time wisely. The process becomes quicker and more efficient with your little ones involved, so you can devote less time to the chore. Additionally, through the process of doing the laundry together, you can take the opportunity to discuss water usage and conservation.

Create Priorities for Laundry Items

Not all laundry items are created equal. Some of them need to be washed in closer intervals, while some don’t have to get washed as regularly. For example, traditional heavy towels typically must be washed two times a week. By creating a priority list for your laundry items, you can set a more definite washing schedule.

You’ll also be able to more effectively keep track of the items you need to wash. With dirty heavy towels, dish rags, undergarments, and clothes all needing your attention, a priority list can help you determine the more important items to clean. This will help you stay on top of your to-do list and prevent your laundry from piling up too often.

Organize Your Laundry Area

You’d be surprised what an organized laundry area can do for you. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, so keeping your laundry area neat and tidy is crucial if you want to stay on top of your dirty clothes pile. Consider investing in laundry bins, family towel storage locations, and other organization tools to store and sort your laundry items. By seeing everything in order, doing your laundry will be more manageable and stress-free.

You may also want to consider color coding your laundry area. Color coding can help you separate certain cleaning products from others. For example, you can put all the laundry supplies meant for black fabrics in one organizer while placing all the laundry supplies for colored fabrics in another. Assigning a designated color for these supplies will help you manage them more easily, and you’ll make it easier for your kids to take over some of the laundry duties.

Keep Things Simple

If you have the option to do so, consider buying garments, heavy towels, and other washables in the same color. While a mix of colors is fun and attractive, it’s much harder to wash them as they are difficult to group and tend to bleed. For example, you can try purchasing black, grey, and white socks for you and your little ones. This will make it easier for you to sort through them, and you won’t need to separate so many loads.


As busy moms, what tasks and chores do you find particularly difficult to do at home?

I hate doing laundry. However, at the same time, I feel guilty when I have not washed our heavy towels or beddings. Laundry always seems to pile up in our household, and I am unable to free up any more time to dedicate to doing laundry. It becomes a constant cycle of laundry piling up week after week.

Do you have any personal tips that help you deal with laundry? (i.e. weekend laundry day or smaller laundry loads throughout the week, etc.)

Weekdays typically involve work and school schedules, which take up a lot of the day. Scheduling laundry on a weekend is a good way to ensure you have enough time to complete your laundry loads.

Our Customer Active Teen Tina: Is There a Way to Stay Fresh And Not Wash My Towels So Often?exercise groups who need sport towels

Source: Shutterstock

Just like any other active teenager, our pretend customer, Tina, has various academic and extracurricular activities keeping her busy. On top of these, she also volunteers with various non-profits and advocacy groups in her community. Her schedule is always packed, and she must manage her time wisely to make sure she gets everything done.

Tina is about to enter high school, and she plans to attend an Ivy League school for her college years. Because of this, she needs to go into turbo mode to prepare for her exams and applications.

In short, Active Teen Tina has a lot on her plate, and it doesn’t help that her body is changing. She needs to revamp her hygiene habits to stay fresh and clean. Tina finds that being busy and working out produces sweat, however, continually showering, drying off, and repeatedly washing her towels and changing her outfits does not feel environmentally-friendly to her.

Sweat produced throughout a busy day cannot be omitted completely. Its manifestation entirely depends on a person’s lifestyle, gender, diet, and health conditions. Teenagers, in particular, are more susceptible to body odor because of the changes their bodies are going through. Naturally, they may feel less confident when interacting with their peers and going about their daily activities.

As such, here are some ways active teens like Tina can incorporate new hygiene habits into their daily routine—while still remaining environmentally responsible.

Use a Trusty Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Body odor can seep through your pores, and it often comes from the parts of your body that get really sweaty. This is because sweat can breed bacteria, which is responsible for an unpleasant scent. Deodorants or antiperspirants can help combat this by neutralizing odor and preventing sweat.

Antiperspirants prevent you from sweating, while deodorants neutralize scents coming from your body. Both are equally effective at combating body odor. As a bonus, many deodorants and antiperspirants are scented, which can help you smell fresher and cleaner. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on all your tasks.

Take a Bath Every Day

A bath or shower a day helps keep the body smelling and feeling fresh. By taking a bath and using soap and shampoo, you can cleanse your skin of the dirt and bacteria that accumulated throughout the day. After you shower, make sure you’re using clean towels to dry off. This will help prevent odor and leave you feeling fresh and clean for longer.heavy family towels outside in the grassAntibacterial Skagen Towel in Caramel and Slate Grey by Nordifakt

Using bath products that have antibacterial properties is also recommended to keep body odor at bay. These products are specially formulated to stop bacteria from even growing. Of course, you would need to keep an eye out for the heavy towels you use to dry off. These could also be a source of bacteria and—if not washed properly—could spread germs to other parts of your household. That’s why picking out a good towel for your daily use is also highly recommended to combat unwelcome scents.

Invest in Antibacterial Towels for Daily Use

As mentioned, bacteria is the number one cause of body odor. Antibacterial towels, like the ones crafted by Nordifakt, help you dry more quickly and prevent the spread of bacteria. They also prevent bacterial growth from occurring, which means you don’t have to worry about body odor.

Nordifakt Tip: You should consider investing in antibacterial towels that stay germ- and bacteria-free for longer. Heavy towels typically get washed twice a week, which can consume a lot of time. With Nordifakt’s antibacterial towels, you can eliminate the bi-weekly family towel load and instead wash your heavy towels between longer intervals. This will help you do laundry more efficiently and save you loads of time.

Watch the Foods You Eat

Your diet heavily influences your body chemistry, which in turn influences your body odor. There are certain foods that, when eaten, will make you smell stronger than usual. Garlic and onion, for example, are two foods that affect the way you smell. Strong spices also influence your scent and can make body odor more potent.

Along with watching what you eat, drinking lots of water is a must to prevent body odor. Water cleanses your body and flushes out toxins that may contribute to the buildup of bacteria.

Meet Sporty Sam: How Can I Prevent My Towels From Stinking?family towel solutions for athletes when exercising

Source: Shutterstock

Exercise is an important part of maintaining one’s health. Our imaginary customer, Sporty Sam, takes this to heart, so he works out three times a week. When he’s not in the gym working out, he’s out playing sports like basketball, football, and baseball. He even competes in a sports club. He does all this to ensure he’s healthy and in the best shape possible.

As an active person, Sam is no stranger to sweat and moisture, so he makes it a point to stay fresh and clean. He showers after each workout, use deodorant and cologne, and makes sure to air out his belongings. However, despite his various efforts, his gym bag still ends up stinking each day. With all his used towels, gym clothes, shoes, and other gear cramped in his bag, even his clean clothes become stinky.

This is because Sam’s gym bag creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. His dirty clothes, used towels, and gear mix with his clean clothes, making everything smell. In addition, heavy towels absorb the most moisture inside a gym bag, making them the most susceptible to bacterial infestation. It then becomes quite a hassle to clean things up at the end of each day, so Sam’s gym bag often stays stinky.

This struggle is well-known to almost anyone who has an active lifestyle—especially our pretend friend, Sporty Sam. Everyone wants to feel fresh and clean all around—especially after a workout. Here are some ways to make sure your gym bag is clean and stink-free.

Invest in Bag Organizers

Gym bags can get messy fast. Mixing old clothes with clean ones is a sure-fire way to get everything to stink. Bacteria travel and multiply quickly, so your gym bag can turn into a breeding ground if you’re not careful.

If you use a bag organizer, you can keep all your belongings in separate compartments. By doing this, you can prevent cross-contamination and keep your clean clothes fresher for longer. Additionally, it will make it easier for you to find things. You can keep your heavy towels in one organizer while keeping a set of clean clothes in another. This will help prevent your gym bag from stinking up.

Give Your Bag a Daily Wipe Down

Wiping your gym bag down every day can prevent bacteria from accumulating inside it. This will prevent foul smells from developing, and it can keep disease-causing germs at bay.

It’s best to use an antibacterial cleaning towel or antibacterial wipes for this task. The antibacterial properties will combat odor and prevent harmful germs from growing in your gym bag.

Show Your Dryer Load Some Lovewool dryer balls for heavy towelsWool Dryer Balls by Nordifakt

Dryer sheets or dryer balls are a good way to keep your clothes smelling clean. They absorb any foul-smelling odors and help freshen up your load of laundry. You can even choose from a variety of scents depending on what you like.

Nordifakt’s wool dryer balls are specially made to keep your belongings fresher for longer. They’re great for doing loads of laundry, and they also last longer than standard dryer sheets and have antibacterial properties that prevent odor.

Use White Vinegar

Sometimes, regular detergent isn’t enough to clean up a smelly gym bag. It can even worsen the stink at times. Adding half a cup of white vinegar into your laundry load can help combat even the toughest bacteria.

As a pro-tip, using antibacterial laundry soap could help you better eliminate bacteria. This is particularly beneficial for those with a very active lifestyle, as it can clean sweat, dirt, and all sorts of germs.

Air It Out

One of the main reasons bacteria grow in gym bags is because of the lack of circulating air. The dark, damp, musty, and airless environment makes it easier for bacteria to thrive, causing the stink to spread throughout the bag. Sometimes, simply opening your bag and letting it air out after your workout session can work wonders.

If you want to make sure your gym bag gets really aired out, consider placing your open back in front of an electric fan. This will make the air circulate even faster and dry out any damp spots that can breed more bacteria. Remember, the longer your bag stays closed, the more time bacteria have to multiply. Airing it out is good practice for keeping it clean.

Our Customer, Stay-At-Home Dad Danny: How Can I Protect My Toddlers From Harmful Germs?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, our imaginary customer, Stay-at-home Dad Danny, has been a homemaker. He has two young kids who are both under the age of six. His work permits him to have a work-from-home setup, which means he gets to watch over his children. However, because he is new to being a stay-at-home dad, Danny is still navigating how to best take care of his kids. He also feels his wife is more knowledgeable when it comes to household affairs.

Danny encourages his little ones to play and explore. He especially loves it when he sees them playing in the backyard. However, this exposes them not only to the elements but also to dirt, mud, and possibly even litter and animal droppings. While getting dirty is an inevitable part of play—and certain bacteria are even helpful when building an immunesystem—Danny wants to do his part to make sure his kids do not get sick.

All parents want to ensure that their children are in good condition. Teaching them good hygiene practices at an early age is a must because they will carry these habits as they grow up. Here are some ways stay-at-home dads like our friend, Danny, can make sure their kids are clean and healthy.

Teach Kids About the Importance of Good Hygiene

It’s never too early to teach your children about what it means to have good hygiene. These hygiene habits are lessons your kids will take with them into adulthood and help them live healthier lifestyles.germsSource: Shutterstock

For example, you can talk to your kids about how often to bathe and brush their teeth. Then, you can talk to them about the consequences of not doing so—i.e. having bacteria build-up, reducing the strength of their teeth, etc. Perhaps you could even consider small incentives as rewards for following personal hiegene regimens.

Encourage Kids to Wash Their Hands

Children are very curious and tend to explore using all their senses. For instance, they often put their hands in their mouth. This is potentially dangerous because your kids’ hands could have all sorts of germs and bacteria on them that could make them sick. That’s why teaching them the proper way of washing their hands is crucial, even at an early age.

Washing hands work wonders. It prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating on your little ones’ hands, making them ready for mealtime, play, and bedtime. Make sure to follow the guidelines given by the World Health Organization on proper hand washing to ensure thorough cleaning. You can even gamify hand washing time by letting your kids sing a little song while they’re washing up.

Use Antibacterial Towels for Little Ones’ Bath Time

At Nordifakt, we pride ourselves on manufacturing towels that are incredibly effective at combating bacteria. For example, our Skagen Towels and Copenhagen Towels are equipped with high-powered Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology. This swiftly and efficiently hinders the growth of bacteria, helping your little ones stay fresh and clean.

By using antibacterial towels, you no longer need to worry about germs and bacteria. You can feel more confident in letting your children play and explore, and they’ll be less likely to get sick from the towelsAntibacterial Skagen Towel in Slate Grey by Nordifakt

Lead By Example

Kids watch. A lot of the time, they learn by picking up what they see from their primary role models. In our customer, Danny’s, case, his little ones will learn a lot about what it means to have good hygiene by watching his hygiene habits. He can allow them to thrive in an environment that doesn’t feel germaphobic, as the tools he chooses to use in his house—such as antibacterial towels—are helping protect his family.

You can teach your little ones about the importance of good hygiene and staying clean by leading by example.


At home, what activities tend to get the kids very dirty and messy? (i.e., meal times? playtime?)

There are many activities little ones can do that cause a lot of mess. Playing with paint, crayons, and water often leads to splashes. Playing outdoors, on the other hand, often leads to mud and dirt being tracked inside the house. However, this is all part of being a child, and it encourages their creativity and imagination. Thats why its important to teach little ones about the importance of cleanliness and cleaning up after themselves. Although they may make a mess, they will also know how to manage it and keep themselves healthy. These are habits theyll be able to carry with them as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

How do you keep them safe and healthy while allowing them to explore their surroundings?

Kids need to explore to grow and boost their creativity. Unfortunately, this will entail them getting their hands dirty. With Nordifakt products, parents can rest assured they have the best tools to combat bacteria and germs. Nordifakt’s towels and cleaning supplies prevent bacteria from growing and festering, which helps little ones stay clean and healthy amid the elements. Nordifakt’s products are equipped with the technology to combat bacteria. Because of this, they are very versatile and can be used to clean the spaces your child frequents. They are also gentle enough to use on little children’s skin, making them the ultimate cleaning tool.

Our Customer Traveling Tony: How Do I Stay Clean While on the Road?

natural antibacterial beddingAntibacterial Frederiksberg Bedding in Blue Mirage by Nordifakt

Even the most hygiene-conscious can find it difficult to maintain cleanliness when on the road. Space restrictions often limit what and how much we can pack when traveling, so making room for personal hygiene supplies can be a challenge. “Traveling Tony”, our imaginary customer and travel enthusiast, soon realized this when he got hired for his dream job. Although he is now able to combine business with his love of exploring and hiking, he has to think of ways to stay fresh while traveling in his camper.

Tony realized it’s quite difficult to stay clean and fresh while always being on the road. His limited baggage prevents him from bringing complete cleaning supplies to last throughout all his trips. Staying in hotels and motels with heavy Towels in are not always an option, so he often has to make do with the supplies he has on hand.

Luckily, always being on the go doesn’t necessarily have to translate to poor hygiene. Here are some ways people like our friend Tony can stay fresh and clean while traveling.

Use Breathable Clothing or Activewear

Traveling requires you to either move a lot or stay in one place for extended amounts of time. Either one can breed bacteria, which could lead to body odor. This is especially true if the clothes being worn aren’t breathable enough.

Activewear is an excellent apparel choice when traveling. It keeps your body well-ventilated, and it allows sweat to dry up faster. This lessens the chances for bacteria to fester, and it’s ultimately more comfortable for moving.

If you’re looking for ideas for breathable clothing, opt for dry-fit, cotton, or chambray fabrics. These allow more air to pass through, preventing the accumulation of bacteria. These materials also keep the wearer feeling fresher and cleaner for longer time periods.

Invest in an Antibacterial Towel Solution

As mentioned, your luggage tends to have limited space to contain all necessary belongings while traveling. Heavy towels might be bulky and take up valuable space, but you’ll want a large, high-quality towel with you. However, towels need to be changed often to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

That’s why an antibacterial towel is your best bet for staying fresh and clean while on the go. Nordifakt’s antibacterial towel stays fresher for longer, and it combats harmful bacteria that can cause body odor. It’s perfect for travel because it can be used for a longer period, and you don’t need to wash it as often.

Investing in an antibacterial dish towel is also a must for travel enthusiasts like Tony. Since Tony lives in a camper, he also needs to have tools to clean his surroundings and keep his space germ-free. Our Antibacterial Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel is made from 100% linen. The fabric is treated with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology, which combats bacteria and prevents its spread. This will keep your living area clean and bacteria-free, preventing any foul odors from popping towelAntibacterial Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel in (L-R) Goldenrod, Mushroom, Sand, Blue Mirage, and Deep Ocean from Nordifakt


Pack a Miniature Hygiene Kit

Large shampoo bottles and soaps can be hard to pack because they are incredibly bulky and inflexible. Luckily, there are miniature versions of these toiletries that take up less space in your luggage. Having these on hand ensures you have the toiletries you need to stay fresh while helping you save on space.

Consider purchasing a lightweight toiletry kit that’s flexible enough for travel. This will allow you to pack essential toiletries without having to worry about losing space for the other items you need to pack.

Meet Our Customer Eco-Conscious Cathy: How Can I Help the Environment at Home?

The recent health crisis has not only made society more health-conscious, but it has made people more eco-conscious as well. More and more individuals are becoming interested in learning how to reduce their impact on the environment.

Even those who live in big cities have joined in campaigns championing the environment. Our imaginary customer, “Eco-Conscious Cathy,” for example, volunteered for an environmental organization over the summer, where she learned about the importance of developing eco-friendly habits. She now wants to start improving her daily habits and home life by incorporating more green actions.

Cathy has realized she uses too much water for her daily activities. From washing clothes to watering plants, a lot of water gets wasted. However, she also knows that using water is crucial to all of her daily activities. Because of this, she wants to know how she can save water without sacrificing her hygiene and health.

Thankfully, there are various ways to save water and help the planet while still ensuring proper hygiene. Here are some key tips to develop eco-friendly habits at home.

Invest in Energy and Water-Saving Appliances

One of the main ways is to replace old water-wasting appliances and fixtures with more energy- and water-saving ones. This includes faucets, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. While these appliances tend to be pricier at first purchase, they’re worth the investment because they are more sustainable in the long run.

With energy- and water-saving appliances, you can lessen your energy and water consumption. This saves on both resources and money, and it also helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Opt For Eco-Friendly Cleaning Essentials

Other home essentials such as fabric softeners can also have greener alternatives. For example, Nordifakt has a green alternative to natural fabric softener: wool dryer balls that decrease drying time by up to 30% and reduce the energy used on laundering. These wool dryer balls also reduce wrinkles and static energy on your clothes, making them a must-have for any laundry room.

Nordifakt also makes other eco-friendly home essentials. Our antibacterial Frederiksberg linen dish towel and antibacterial Skagen towel are well-known for their functionality, and both of these products are OEKO-TEX certified and sustainably produced. This means they can help you cut down on your carbon footprint and move toward more sustainable habits.

Recycle at Home

Recycling can have a sizable impact on your immediate community, and you can use it to breathe new life into old objects. Things like plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, paper bags, newspapers, and other kinds of paper products can be repurposed. This will help you reduce the amount of waste you produce, and you can save money on supplies.recycling solutions for the home for sustainabilitySource: Shutterstock

Practice Composting

Composting is also an excellent way to reduce waste, especially if you have a garden. Composting entails collecting kitchen scraps and using them to enrich your soil. At-home composting projects are easy to do, and they can help you significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes into your trash.

Reduce Your Wash Load

Washing your laundry is a necessity. However, it also produces a lot of greenhouse emissions. In fact, if every other wash load was skipped across the globe, more than 22.5 billion cubic meters of water would be saved. We would also reduce roughly 235 million tons of carbon dioxide from going up into the atmosphere. This would significantly impact our planet and help us live more sustainably.

Reducing your wash load may be difficult, but all it takes is some practice and investment in fabrics that maintain their cleanliness and integrity for longer. For example, Nordifakt manufactures antibacterial linens and heavy towels that combat the spread and proliferation of bacteria. With our technology, we are able to significantly lower the number of times our products need to be washed, which, in turn, reduces your environmental footprint by saving water and energy.

Final Thoughts

At Nordifakt, we pride ourselves on developing sustainable and eco-friendly home supplies and family towel solutions. We are committed to ensuring people from all walks of life get the products they deserve while lessening their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in all aspects.

Whether you relate to our imaginary customers Mandy, Tina, Sam, Danny, Tony, or Cathy, Nordifakt can help you navigate your daily life in a way that’s more health- and eco-conscious without requiring much effort.

So, leave a comment below, who are you most like?

Our fabrics are equipped with antibacterial eco-technology that extends their lifespan and prevents wear and tear. With their antibacterial properties, you no longer need to wash them as frequently, lessening the number of laundry loads you need to do. This saves you on water, energy, and cleaning supplies. Additionally, we at Nordifakt only use high-quality materials, which ensures your heavy towels and other home supplies are sturdy and durable enough for long-term use.

We only use organic cotton, and our family towel solutions, heavy towels, linens, and home products are pesticide-, chemical-, and fertilizer-free. We also ensure all products are made without transgenic technology. This helps us keep our commitment to sustainability because it uses up to 62% less energy than conventional cotton and doesn’t damage the environment.

For home solutions that keep you and your family clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly, choose Nordifakt. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability, and check out our full product list. Make your first steps toward a healthy and eco-friendly future with Nordifakt!

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