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Article: Creating Change: What Anti-bacterial and Eco-friendly Mean To Us

Creating Change: What Anti-bacterial and Eco-friendly Mean To Us

Creating Change: What Anti-bacterial and Eco-friendly Mean To Us

There has never been a more pressing time to restore the planet’s health. Still, American households are using roughly 29 billion gallons of water—daily. Furthermore, the average American consumed 10,715-kilowatt hours of electricity in 2020 alone. Both of these take a significant toll on the environment—highlighting the need for sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. That’s why, at Nordifakt, the terms ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘anti-bacterial’ aren’t just marketing tactics. They are the very foundation of our brand. When you shop with Nordifakt, you do so knowing our products are crafted to protect both your health and that of the planet.

Here’s how you can become more eco-friendly with Nordifakt.

The Passion for Green Tech

Granted, we wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors if we didn’t state the uncomfortable truth: companies are responsible for the majority of global emissions. These emissions are a by-product of manufacturing processes, and they have a huge impact on the environment. If companies take steps to become more eco-friendly, they can reduce the emissions plaguing the planet by upwards of 60%.

Textiles, in particular, are a major contributor to global waste and pollution. Aside from the obvious impacts of the fast fashion industry’s production and turnover rates, textile production accounts for 20% of global water pollution. Shockingly, 0.5 million tonnes of microfibres are released into the ocean each year. That’s why Nordifakt prioritizes developing textile products that champion environmental welfare and human health.


eco-friendly textiles

Though corporations are largely responsible for the ecological price tag we are all on the hook for, change can absolutely begin at home. We at Nordifakt believe that eco-friendly technology is the future, and are passionate about developing products to support a greener way of life. We believe in crafting products that are beautiful, functional, and ideal for all living spaces and occasions. Our product line aims to elevate your everyday life with green technology.

Less Laundry, Less Environmental Impact

Doing laundry is a crucial part of ensuring one’s overall health and well-being, especially since our clothes and linens tend to accumulate bacteria, sweat, and dirt over time. However, you’d be shocked to learn the environmental toll your spin cycle wreaks. Believe it or not, washing machines have been found to use roughly 19 billion cubic meters of water and emit 62 million tonnes of CO2-eq greenhouse gases annually. Even washing machines designed to be eco-friendly use 57-114 liters of water each use. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder global pollution and waste have and will continue to rise exponentially.

That is precisely why consumers should invest in products that reduce their environmental impact by minimizing their washing load altogether. Nordifakt’s linens and textiles are made using Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology. This state-of-the-art green technology kills 99.9% of bacteria—keeping linens cleaner and fresher for longer. Strong antibacterial properties mean they don’t have to be washed as regularly as standard fabrics do.

With less washing, you inherently use less water and energy. This positively impacts the environment and allows you to adopt more eco-friendly habits. Additionally, with Nordifakt, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your products. Not being subjected to the weekly wrath of washing machines goes a long textilesAntibacterial Copenhagen Towel in Oat by Nordifakt

Eco-Friendly, Antibacterial: What it Means for Nordifakt

As mentioned, we take the words ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘antibacterial’ seriously at Nordifakt. Our dedication to these industry buzzwords means you’re able to get the most use out of your products possible. You no longer need to purchase new towels, linens, and bedding every year. You get to utilize less energy and water while enjoying longer product lifespans.

Thanks to Nordifakt’s antibacterial technology, you also no longer need to worry about your linens accumulating bacteria or odors. They remain fresh use after use after—you get the point.

Take your gym bag, for example. After crushing a workout, you wipe yourself off with a towel. This is when you might feel inclined to bunch it up and shove it into the bottom of your bag. With regular towels, this would be a recipe for disaster. The combination of sweat and dampness inside the gym bag fosters the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, causing your bag to stink. This will likely prompt you to throw your towel (and even your gym bag) away altogether.

With Nordifakt’s textiles and linens, you can rest assured that your items will stay cleaner and fresher for longer. Enjoy more sustainable habits and reduce your environmental impacts while ensuring that you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Become Eco-Friendly With Nordifakt

Build sustainable habits that protect the Earth, your home, and the people you love most with Nordifakt. Our product line showcases the timeless Scandinavian aesthetic, and our technology empowers them with antibacterial qualities. Form and function come into perfect union with Nordifakt, allowing you to enjoy the best textiles for years to come.

From throws, tote bags, and bedding to bath and hand towels, Nordifakt has the products to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Check out all of Nordifakt’s products here, and discover how you can do your part in caring for the environment—one textile at a time.

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