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Choosing High-Tech Fabrics for Your Home: It Just Makes “Cents!”

by Nordifakt on May 17, 2022
Antibacterial textiles work similarly to antibacterial soaps: they target bacteria at the source, stopping them before they can spread. Bacteria love porous, warm, hard-to-clean environments. Fabrics and linens around the home often provide this type of environment for germs to thrive. Enter the wonder of tech fabrics. Check out all the wonders these products provide in your home today!

Think back to the emphasis in the early stages of Covid-19 brought on washing your hands constantly with antibacterial soap. An important lesson all the way back to childhood, certainly! But brought to the forefront more recently. Well, these bacteria don’t just accumulate on your hands. They spread on every surface you touch—especially the linens and towels you use at home. Luckily, there’s a high-tech answer to curb the spread of these germs on these surfaces: antibacterial fabrics.

These antibacterial textiles work similarly to antibacterial soaps: they target bacteria at the source, stopping them before they can spread. Bacteria love porous, warm, hard-to-clean environments. Fabrics and linens around the home often provide this type of environment for germs to thrive. High-tech, antibacterial textiles and fabrics stop these bacteria before they ever get the chance to fester, reducing the overall risk of infections or other illnesses.

tech fabrics
Frederiksberg Dish Towel in Blue Mirage by Nordifakt

Of course, the effectiveness varies between different treatments and fabrics. Some applications are designed to slow bacteria’s spread over time; others kill germs immediately upon contact. But they all fight the spread of germs in your home.

The Science Behind Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh Technology

To deliver high-tech antibacterial fabrics, our team at Nordifakt has partnered with Polygiene, a leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly silver salt textile treatment.

Germs grow and spread as we use normal fabrics; this is what’s responsible for creating the unpleasant odors we’re all familiar with. But thanks to Polygiene’s BioStatic Stays Fresh technology, our linens and towels kill bacteria before it even has the chance to grow.

Silver has known antibacterial properties; Stays Fresh combines silver ions with a chloride rinse to make a silver salt treatment for fabric. By recycling silver from industrial and photographic applications, Polygiene has created a dye-like application for textiles, applied at the last stage of production. This treatment is non-water-soluble, and according to Polygiene, will last the entirety of the textile’s lifespan. Polygiene’s silver salt treatment is also safe for the skin—it uses particles too big for the skin to absorb, unlike other nano-silver-based solutions.

Household Applications of High-Tech Fabrics

Antibacterial fabrics are quickly popping up across markets and industries, thanks to their myriad uses. From commercial settings to household products, these textiles can serve a purpose in so many facets of our lives.

In the home, every additional line of defense against unwanted, odor-causing bacteria is helpful. We all know how frustrating it can be washing your hands, only to grab a dirty towel, and transfer all the grime you just scrubbed away right back on. Antibacterial towels kill off any germs lingering in the moisture left behind on the towel, keeping your hands clean.

Or consider all the times you got home late, too tired to shower, only to fall right into bed. Still sweaty from a long day of work, you wake up in the morning to smelly bedding. High-tech antibacterial sheets and fabrics like the kind we make at Nordifakt can help keep your linens clean no matter how forgetful you were.

tech fabrics
Skagen Towel in Slate Grey and Dove Grey by Nordifakt

Supporting a Positive Environmental Impact

This silver salt treatment doesn’t just help your sheets stay fresh, it also helps you have a positive environmental impact. Here at Nordifakt, we design all our products with sustainability front of mind. The freshness of our towels and linens means that you can save on washing energy expenses—and on how many loads of laundry you need to do!

Typically, standard towels need washing at 60° Celsius (140° Fahrenheit) to completely kill off accumulated germs. Each load of laundry also uses a whopping 44 liters (11.6 gallons) of water! Between the energy expenses and water waste, continually washing traditional towels so frequently is terrible for the environment.

Nordifakt towels and sheets can help counter this problem. With a lower accumulation of germs and other particles thanks to antibacterial tech, you only really wash your fabrics at temperatures of 30° C (86° F). We estimate you can reduce your carbon footprint by, on average, 2.0kg (4.4 lbs) of CO2 a year with this drop in energy use. That’s the equivalent of a flight from London to Berlin!

Tumbling Nordifakt towels at lower temperatures, less often, increases the lifespan of the fabric. Thanks to the freshness provided by the silver salt treatment, our towels and bedding only need really washing once a month. This can cut an entire load out of your laundry every week!

Green Your Home With High-Tech Fabrics Today!

From the commercial sector to your own kitchen and bathroom, high-tech fabrics help push the world towards sustainability one wipe at a time. Here at Nordifakt, we’re dedicated to doing our part for the cause, offering sustainable solutions that can also make your life easier. Our towels and bedding help you help the environment by cutting back on your water and energy consumption. But, you also get fresher fabrics out of it, too!

Thanks to the silver salt treatments on all of our products, your linens go after bacteria at the source, reducing unpleasant mildewy odors. Take back the time you’d otherwise spend running weekly loads of laundry, without worrying about germs. By saving you water, energy, and time, we’re on a mission to be the green solution for your home textile needs. From kitchen and bath towels to bedding, our products make caring for yourself and your home easier than ever. Get your antibacterial Nordifakt towels and linens today!


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