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Scandinavian Bedding and Towels, Made With Love by Female-Founded Home Textile Company

by Nordifakt on May 02, 2022
Looking for home textiles with heart? Heart for the Earth, your health, and your wallet? Youre in the right place. Check out our latest blog to learn how co-founders Trine Johansen and Sofie King nurtured their business into the thriving, international smart textile provider it is today!

Sleek, stylish, functional, and minimalist—these are just a few hallmarks of the Nordic design ethos. We’re proud to celebrate our Danish heritage here at Nordifakt and bring these sensibilities to every one of our Scandinavian bedding sets and towels. The timeless aesthetic of the great north shines through in all of our products.scandinavian beddingStockholm Throw Blanket in Mandalay Blue by Nordifakt

Our name Nordifakt is a combination of the Danish words “nord,” meaning “north,” and “artefakt,” meaning “artifact.” Deeply rooted in our Scandinavian heritage, our crisp and eco-friendly designs bring a bit of Denmark into your home—and help green your home, as well.

Based in Copenhagen, Nordifakt is founders’ Sofie King and Trine Johansen’s offering to help reduce textile waste, while also accentuating your home with a touch of the north. Functional, beautiful, and environmentally friendly, Nordifakt’s linens and towels are just the finishing touches your home needs.


Nordifakt: A Greener Life With Eco-Friendly Products

It’s not news to anyone that our planet has a trash problem. Decades of poor waste management, on top of consumer trends that incentivize a “one-time-use” mentality, have exacerbated climate change—pushing our world to the brink. It’s going to take drastic action from all of us to slow the climate crisis. But by adopting eco-friendly habits and sustainable products today, people and companies can both do their part.

Nordifakt takes the challenge of sustainability to heart. “I’ve worked in fast fashion for many years, and wanted to create something that could utilize new technologies and make a positive difference—as well as get away from the “buy, use, throw away” mentality,” co-founder Sofie King says. Our products, sustainably produced in Portugal, use only quality organic cotton and linen, while meeting European and American environmental agency approval ratings.Founders Sofie King (left) and Trine Johansen (right) | Source: Instagram

The eco-technology embedded in our high-quality Scandinavian bedding and towels reduces and repels bacteria, keeping your linens fresh. This extends the shelf life of your textiles between washes—saving water and helping your linens last longer. Just by skipping every other wash load, we could save as much as 235 million metric tons (259 tons) of CO2 and 22.5 billion cubic meters (795 cubic feet) of water worldwide! We may not be able to coordinate the whole planet on this plan, but with Nordifakt products, you can lighten your carbon footprint one skipped load of laundry at a time.

“I’ve worked in fast fashion for many years, and wanted to create something that could utilize new technologies and make a positive difference—as well as get away from the “buy, use, throw away” mentality.” -Sofie King

A Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability Through Technology

We founded Nordifakt from the start with a commitment to green causes and sustainability. We only have one planet, so we have to take care of it! Any step we can take to reduce the impacts of a climate crisis is an important one. In addition to only using high-quality fibers to produce our Scandinavian bedding and towels, Nordifakt implements cutting-edge tech to produce antibacterial textiles built to last.

To start, we only use organic cotton and linen to produce our textiles, as mentioned earlier. This reliance on biodegradable material (instead of the microplastics that seem to be everywhere) makes our Scandinavian bedding and towels 100% recyclable and BLUESIGN-regulation compliant. Nordifakt products are also OEKO-TEX Certified, confirming that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances.scandinavian copenhagen towels by nordifaktCopenhagen Towel by Nordifakt

From there, we imbue all of our products with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh silver chloride technology to impart antibacterial properties. This “silver salt” treatment is among the most advanced antimicrobial treatments on the market, warding off bacterial growth from the start and keeping your linens fresh and clean.

Because your textiles stay clean and fresh longer, they need less frequent washing and upkeep. Frequent washing is the number one cause of fabric wear and tear. By reducing the amount of time you spend loading up the laundry machine, we extend the life of your linens! On top of the environmental benefits, you get a beautiful product built to last.


The Women Behind Nordifakt: Trine Johansen & Sofie King

Nordifakt is the brainchild of Trine Johansen and Sofie King, two Danish designers with a green vision. United by their shared passion for technology, the environment, and their Scandinavian background, Trine and Sofie decided to begin producing bedding, towels, and other linens with a sustainability focus.trine johansen founder of nordifaktTrine Johansen, one of the founders of Nordifakt | Source: Instagram

Having worked prior in various waste-heavy industries, they wanted to create a product that could combat “fast fashion” trends and lower consumers’ energy costs. “We have an obligation to create things that are sustainable. Both in the product itself but also in the way it is used,” Trine remarks.

Trine and Sofie noticed that the home textile market severely underutilized new technology in crafting products. The world all around us is getting smarter, greener, and more efficient every day, they noticed. So why shouldn't the home textiles reflect the time we live in?sofie king founder of nordifaktSofie King, one of the founders of Nordifakt | Source: Instagram

Rather than persist with towels and bedding that acts as a sponge for microbes, Trine and Sofie put their heads together to craft a simple, clean, elegant offering in Nordifakt, true to their Scandinavian sensibilities. They wanted to make a product that could stand the test of time—and the laundry machine. “It truly inspires me to create simple products that use technology to make a difference in people's lives and have a positive environmental impact,” Trine adds. Nordifakt is here to green your home, one towel at a time.

“We have an obligation to create things that are sustainable. Both in the product itself but also in the way it is used.” — Trine Johansen

Nordifakt—Green, Stylish Scandinavian Bedding and Textiles For Your Home

The green revolution is no longer just nice to keep in mind. It’s become essential for everyone to consider the environment in their day-to-day life, and prize sustainability first. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability! Nordifakt’s minimalist Scandinavian bedding and home textiles combine aesthetic value with environmentally friendly technology. Let’s make your home greener, one linen at a time. Check out the full Nordifakt collection today!


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