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The long weekend

nordifakt in your life

Somewhere in the atlantic

When you are in the middle of the Atlantic and don’t have access to a washing machine our antibacterial textiles will remain fresh throughout the journey - no matter how long it takes before you see land again. Enjoy the journey!

photo by @bibia_bus


Roadtripping in California in an old bus with no access to a washing machine? No problem - It is a perfect match with your Nordifakt antibacterial towels which can be washed less often. @bibia_bus

Austrian Alps

Bring your antibacterial towel hiking in Austria for unbeatable freshness and cleanliness on the trail. With its advanced technology, it repels bacteria and odors, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your adventure. Enjoy every moment of your hike!


Let your kids play and build a fort out of your sheets, towels and blankets. Because of the antibacterial properties the textiles stay fresh, so you guilt free can use the same sheets and blankets when you go to bed. Enjoy kids!

Northern norway

Embark on a road trip through Norway with the versatility of antibacterial bedding designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're camping under the stars or staying in cozy cabins, our bedding provides a clean sleeping environment wherever your adventure takes you. Enjoy the ride!

Joshua Tree

Camping in Joshua Tree where it's warm and sweaty and the last thing you want to think about washing towels and dish towels.

French Polynesia

"It is super smart that you don't have to do laundry as often here on the boat where it's not always possible and where water and electricity is a limited resource" @sailing_alba_dk

Winter swimming

Embrace the winter chill with invigorating swims. Winter swimming boosts circulation and lifts your spirits naturally. Afterwards, wrap yourself in our quick-drying lightweight towels for instant warmth and comfort. Enjoy the icy thrill and use the towel back to back without the hassle of washing it.