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Article: Sustainability in Business: How to Utilize Technology to Advance Your Business

Sustainability in Business: How to Utilize Technology to Advance Your Business

Sustainability in Business: How to Utilize Technology to Advance Your Business

It’s a brand’s responsibility to promote and practice sustainability in business. This is part of its duty in protecting and preserving the environment. However, it’s important to acknowledge that for brands to achieve their sustainability goals, the change needs to be systemic. They must use technology and data to make it work, with management teams facilitating the shift.

Sustainability goals are an important part of every business. Discover how to utilize technology to advance your business, and check out how Nordifakt adopts its commitment to using green tech in its practices.

nordifakt modelling sustainability in businessSource: Nordifakt Instagram

Antibacterial Technologies to Reduce Textile Waste

The textile industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste. The multi-trillion dollar industry has seen exponential growth in the last two decades, thanks to advancements in textile production equipment and technologies. This, coupled with ever-changing fashion trends, has led the turnover rate for textiles to become higher than ever.

Today’s average consumer purchases over 60% more clothes compared to consumers nearly 20 years ago. The high demand for clothing items has led to overproduction, which has also taken a toll on the environment. To put some numbers to it, it takes about 5,000 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This doesn’t account for other activities, such as cleaning and washing.

As more brands move toward practicing sustainability in business, antibacterial technologies are rising in popularity and are a must for textile companies. These technologies eliminate the growth and spread of bacteria so fabrics can be used for longer time periods. Less washing preserves your textiles’ quality, which contributes to their longevity.

With antibacterial technologies, more brands can promote healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable living. That’s what Nordifakt aims to accomplish through its home solutions. Less washing leads to an increase in savings of water and energy—two resources that are slowly becoming more scarce on the planet.

A More Sustainable Way of Transportation

Transportation is one of the most crucial elements in commerce. All brands utilize various modes of transportation to ship their products, purchase supplies, and connect with customers. However, all short- and long-haul forms of transportation come with a drawback: they all burn fossil fuels. This takes a toll on the environment, especially when it comes to waste produced by transportation.

Today, emissions from fossil fuels such as gas and diesel are responsible for nearly 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. This has prompted businesses to look for greener alternatives when it comes to transportation. Again, technology plays a crucial role in making transportation support sustainability in business.

For starters, technology has paved the way for the creation of electric vehicles, which are more eco-friendly than your standard car. By 2030, the International Energy Agency says the number of electric vehicles on our roads will hit 145 million. Investing in an electric vehicle will help you adopt more sustainable transportation practices. It will also help you save on fuel and lessen your business’s emissions.

While the technology for electric vehicles still needs to be tweaked further, driving an electric car or using it to transport goods is better for the environment. An electric vehicle has a far smaller carbon footprint than a standard car, which makes it a more sustainable option for individuals and companies alike.

Reducing Energy Consumption With Green Software Practices

Green technology isn’t new. It has been around for more than two decades, but it has only been receiving recognition in the past few years because of a heightened focus on climate change and global warming. More individuals and companies are acknowledging the importance of sustainability in business, which has greatly contributed to the rise of green tech.

At its core, green technology is meant to help humans take care of the environment and repair the damage caused by years of overconsumption and harm to the planet. While technology has been an agent of positive change as of late, it has also caused significant damage to the earth. That’s why there’s increased emphasis on the development and usage of sustainable software.

Green software utilizes energy-efficient algorithms that work just as fast, if not faster, than standard software. To this end, software engineers have coined eight key principles in sustainable software engineering to govern the development of green software. By abiding by these key principles, the resulting software should consume less energy. This promotes sustainability in business by allowing companies to use less energy in both their internal and external tech processes.

By using green tech, your business can adopt more eco-friendly tech practices. This will help take care of the planet by lessening your emissions.

Using Technology to Reach Net Zero

“Net zero” represents balance. This refers to the act of ensuring that the carbon emissions reduced match the amount of carbon emissions produced. Emissions are the number one culprit in global warming, so it’s important to combat their effects to restore the earth’s overall health.

By achieving net zero, scientists hope to reverse the damage done by years of high carbon emissions to the planet. To do this, existing green technologies must be further developed and integrated into the systems and processes of small and large businesses alike.

Practicing sustainability in business means leveraging technology to find ways your brand can lessen its own carbon footprint. This includes investing in equipment that reduces emissions in production and integrating green software into your processes.

sustainability in business can begin with textilesSource: Shutterstock

Nordifakt Makes Every Day Sustainability Easy

Technology plays a critical role in ensuring the future of the planet. Companies can move toward sustainability in business by familiarizing themselves and adapting to green technology and related practices. However, we also believe creating change begins in our personal spaces. That’s why Nordifakt is passionate about leveraging technology to ensure sustainability.

Nordifakt is committed to saving the earth by producing eco-friendly home solutions that allow you to practice sustainability right from your home. With a diverse, technology-empowered product range, you can trust Nordifakt to elevate your home life. Check out the full Nordifakt product range and learn how you can make your day-to-day more eco-friendly.

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