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Considering Antibacterial Fabric for Your Towels and Sheets? Bonus Benefits You’ll Love!

by Nordifakt on June 01, 2022
You may not realize all the different ways your dirty sheets and towels sap your quality of life. Antibacterial fabric sees use across many industries, such as the military and medical fields, to prevent germ transmission and prolong the lifespan of textiles and it just makes sense to bring that same security into your home! Read more about these superhero fabrics here.

Thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, hand sanitizers have been an essential item for the past few years, in everyone’s purse or pocket. But do they offer enough protection? After all, germs don’t just live on your hands. Towels and sheets can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Luckily, switching to antibacterial fabric can help protect your home from excess germs.

Here at Nordifakt, we know the importance of keeping your home clean. That’s why we treat all of our products with Polygiene Stays Fresh silver chloride technology. Silver salt treatments are shown to eliminate an incredible 99.9% of bacterial growth on fabric! It targets germs right at the start of their spread, keeping your linens and towels fresher and cleaner for longer.

This results in a cleaner home, yes, but that’s not the only benefit. You may not realize all the different ways your dirty sheets and towels sap your quality of life. But with Nordifakt’s fresh linens, you can rest easy! Here are just a few benefits that a switch to antibacterial towels can bring to your life.

bedding made of antibacterial fabric
Christianshavn Bedding in Sand Dune by Nordifakt

You (And Your Linens) Will Smell Fresher

As your body’s largest organ, your skin plays a vital role in temperature regulation—that’s the whole purpose of sweating. Sweating is good for you! But it also causes an unpleasant odor—and that’s not quite as good.

As we sweat, the bacteria that naturally live on our skin react in contact with the salty perspiration, releasing that funk we’re all too familiar with. Since textiles such as clothing, bedding, and towels constantly rub up against our skin, they provide an ideal surface for these microorganisms (and the accompanying odor) to fester. If you’ve ever left your sweaty gym clothes in your bag overnight, you’ve probably met with this unpleasant discovery yourself.

Antibacterial fabric is here to save the day. Since it inhibits the growth of bacteria right at the source, it prevents odors from developing on textiles. In addition, it inhibits disease transmission and enhances the textile's durability and cleanliness.

Taking measures to prevent bacterial growth on fabrics is nothing new. For example, as far back as ancient Egypt people knew to preserve mummy wraps with herbs and spices. And during World War II, treatments were frequently applied to tents and truck covers to inhibit bacterial activity.

Luckily, we don’t have to sleep on herbs and spices anymore, as textile technology has come a long way. Quality antibacterial solutions like our silver salt treatments are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, last multiple washes, and successfully eliminate bacteria.

Fewer Loads of Laundry With Antibacterial Fabric

Washing your towels, bedding, and dishcloths isn’t just key for keeping them clean; it also ensures you live hygienically. Such regular washing, however, does also have its downsides. The laundry cycle is the number one culprit for wear and tear on your linens and towels, for example. The excessive amounts of electricity and water used on laundry days are also terrible for the environment.

antibacterial fabric
Skagen Towels in Dove Grey, Oat, Slate by Nordifakt
If we skipped every other wash load worldwide, we could save approximately 235 million tons of carbon dioxide and 22.5 billion cubic meters (nearly 6 trillion gallons) of water. What an impact that would have on reducing emissions and chemical exposure!

Even though newer machines can now wash faster with less water and power usage, this doesn’t affect how frequently items need washing—and they may even wash less thoroughly. Not to mention, odors sometimes persist on fabrics even after a run through the wash cycle.

It may sound too good to be true, but thanks to the unmatched antibacterial protection of the fabric in our linens and towels, you can actually cut back on laundry! Silver salt treatment keeps your linen cleaner and fresher for longer. It also blocks odor-causing microorganisms that may persist on your towels and beddings long after cleaning. Not to mention that since the two compounds (silver and salt) are naturally occurring, it’s environmentally safe.

Here at Nordifakt, we’re committed to sustainability with all our products. By washing your towels and linens less, you can reduce your footprint, save money, and increase the longevity of your linen. It really is a win all around.

Protect Your Family With Antibacterial Technology on Your Textiles & Fabrics

Have you ever wondered why medical staff wears scrubs? One reason is because of the antibacterial treatments on these outfits. Body oils and sweat naturally rub off on fabric, creating the perfect playground for bacteria and fungi to develop. While most disease-causing germs won’t survive indefinitely on textiles, they can linger long enough to hitch a ride to a potential new infection site.

Antibacterial fabric sees use across many industries, such as the military and medical fields, to prevent germ transmission and prolong the lifespan of textiles. Why not bring that same security into your home?

Even if you haven’t seen mold on your towels, it’s likely that you’ve gotten a whiff of that telltale mildewy scent before when using them. Despite washing multiple times, the smell often just won’t go away. That’s because it’s the result of stubborn bacterial growth that just won’t quit.

Antibacterial fabric prevents bacteria and fungi from latching onto textiles in the first place. And anything that does somehow manage to latch on won’t last long, as it can’t reproduce. By using antibacterial towels, bedding, and kitchen linen in your home, you can prevent the spread and growth of gems right at the source.

Antibacterial Eco-Technology for Your Home

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At Nordifakt, we embed all of our textiles with naturally-occurring silver salt treatments to keep our products safe from germs. Applied at the end of production, these antibacterial treatments will last the whole lifetime of the fabric.

The application kills bacteria, microbes, and fungi on the spot—which means you wash less, saving you time, resources, and money. Cold-wash your Nordifakt towels: your linens stay fresh and odor-free regardless.

Families lead busy lives! Whether you have a messy toddler exposed to endless germs on the playground, a teenager who loves sports, an elderly parent who needs extra protection from germs—or you just want to improve your own hygiene and minimize your environmental footprint, Nordifakt products are designed to better both your life and the planet’s.

Check out our exclusive collection of sustainably produced towels and linens today, and share the love with a gift card. Everyone could use a little more time and a little less laundry.


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