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Article: Your Ultimate Gift Guide to Sustainable, Antibacterial, Absorbent Towels: What to Buy for All Occasions!

Your Ultimate Gift Guide to Sustainable, Antibacterial, Absorbent Towels: What to Buy for All Occasions!

Your Ultimate Gift Guide to Sustainable, Antibacterial, Absorbent Towels: What to Buy for All Occasions!

Elegant, absorbent kitchen linens and fluffy, luxurious bath towels are practical and thoughtful gifts your friends and relatives will use daily. These sustainable and antibacterial gifts protect the environment and safeguard the health of those who use them. Nordifakt has perfect solutions for all your gifting needs. Read here to find out more.

Finding that perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, or even your favorite aunt’s birthday doesn’t have to be challenging. Give fluffy and absorbent dish towels, opulent bedding, and elegant kitchen linens your loved ones will both use and cherish. And if those best drying dish towels and luxurious linens are sustainable, antibacterial, and extra absorbent, your gifts will be doubly welcome.

Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing linens that are both beautiful and sustainable, plus our favorite gifts for any occasion.

best drying dish towels and absorbent dish towels 

Skagen Towel in Slate Grey and Oat by Nordifakt


There are many reasons to fall in love with the Nordifakt sustainable product range, here are some of ours! One of our favorite products in the range has to be antibacterial bedding. There is no better feeling than climbing into a bed with crisp and clean bedding after a full day! This is something we think everyone should be able to experience. The bedding is perfect as a "move away from home" present, or as a wedding present. Whether you are into home decor or keen on helping the environment, the bedding will fit perfectly.

“I've been using them for several weeks now. They look, feel and smell exactly like the first day!”
- A happy customer

What It Means to Be Sustainable—and Why You Should Go For It

Sustainability is among the leading trends in nearly every product category. Marketing departments sprinkle buzzwords like “durable,” “recyclable,” and “energy-efficient” into product descriptions to cash in on the demand for eco-friendly items. This “greenwashing” sounds good, but do these products actually live up to their claims? What makes a product sustainable?

Sustainability often means different things to different people, manufacturers, and distributors—a recyclable product, an item made with renewable or recycled materials, or manufacturing processes that use less energy. True sustainability requires every aspect of the product’s sourcing of materials, manufacturing, and use to be sustainable. No product is 100% sustainable, but some companies make every effort to approach that ideal.

There are six main things to look for in a sustainable product:

  1. It must be made from renewable materials that don’t deplete nature.
  2. The sourcing of those materials doesn’t cause harm or destruction to the environment.
  3. The product was manufactured responsibly with as little waste and energy consumption as possible. Waste should be recyclable or disposed of responsibly.
  4. The product is made in a socially responsible way using ethically sourced labor.
  5. The product passes environmental standards locally and globally. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) offer standards and certifications.
  6. The company must be transparent in defining sustainability. It should communicate that definition to customers in its mission statement or goals on its website and in other media.

A Nordifakt Approach

Nordifakt builds sustainability into its products and communicates its practices on its website. Its linens are manufactured in labor-friendly Portugal, where ethical working environments are stressed. The products are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and they are sustainably made from organic cotton and linen produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or gene modification.

Its cotton production has less impact on air quality, doesn’t damage the soil, and uses 62% less energy than regular cotton. It also relies on rain for irrigation, using less water. Nordifakt uses linen, made from flax stalks, as its main material. Flax grows in poor soils with little or no fertilizer and less water than cotton. Leftover flax seeds go to the health food industry.

Nordifakt’s antibacterial technology extends the life of its products so you wash them less frequently, reducing water usage and CO2 production. All its products are OEKO-TEX® certified and in keeping with European REACH standards. Both Bluesign®, the textile industry’s environmental certification, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approve the company’s antibacterial technology. Products are registered under the European Union Biocidal Product Directive (BPD).

All this means Nordifakt’s absorbent dish towels, bath towels, and bedding are certified sustainable and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about the gifts you’re giving.

We live what we sell because we truly believe in our products. In our homes, we all sleep in the Christianshavn Bedding, dry off in the Skagen Towels after we shower, and dry the dishes with the Frederiksberg Dish Towels. Our children specifically ask to bring the Nordifakt Towels when they go to swimming class, and our favorite blanket when resting on the sofa is the Stockholm Throw.

I personally love the fact that we can all dry off in the same towel for weeks, and still feel it being fresh—and the fact that we save a lot of water on laundry every week.
- Cofounder, Trine Johansen

The kids are big fans of the throw blanket because they feel extra small and cozy in the giant blankets.

My husband is a huge fan of the Christianshavn bedding, because he loves that it always feels like it was just washed—crisp and clean.
- Cofounder, Sofie King

What Makes a “Good” Towel Good?

You may think of a bath towel or kitchen linen as a utilitarian object—it dries things. A really good towel, though, will make you say “Ahhh” when you get out of the shower and surround yourself with its fluffy softness. A first-rate kitchen towel can not only dry your hands but also polish that fine china plate you just hand washed without the worry of scratching it. Most people look for labels that read: “best drying dish towels”, or they feel for fluffiness, and research durability when choosing a good towel. But how do you know if a towel truly meets that criteria?

absorbent dish towels and the best drying dish towelsSkagen Towel in Slate Grey and Oat by Nordifakt


We believe the antibacterial towels are the perfect gift because of the many extra benefits these towels provide. Not only do they stay bacteria-free, odor-free, and fresh, but they also help conserve water and need to be replaced less often. Once you have experienced the antibacterial technology that keeps them clean, you never want to go back to regular towels again. We promise!

Fiber Content

First, find the tag on the towel that lists its materials and check the fiber content. A 100% cotton towel is the most absorbent and the softest. Don’t be lured by Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton which may claim to be something like the “best drying dish towels” or the “most absorbent dish towels”. While these are premium cotton, good organic cotton can produce the same absorbency and softness.

Manufacturing Methods

Next, look at whether the cotton was combed, ring-spun, or twisted. Combed cotton has been brushed to remove smaller fibers and makes the towel softer and more durable. Ring-spun cotton means the fibers (long and short) are twisted to make the loops stronger. Twisted cotton refers to how much the loop of cotton is twisted. A tight twist means the towel will last longer, but a low twist increases the surface area and makes the towel plusher and more absorbent.

Then there are aero cotton, micro cotton, and hydro cotton—these are manufacturing processes. Micro cotton processing uses 100% cotton, making towels softer, more absorbent, and more durable. Check the maker’s website or marketing materials to find its manufacturing processes.


The next important factor is the weight of the towel. You’ll see this measured in grams per square meter (GSM) or as a gram weight, such as a 500-gram weight. The higher the weight, the plusher and more absorbent the towel is. For example, 600-900 GSM is the heaviest, 400-600 is medium weight, and 300-400 is lightweight.

Matching the Towel to Its Use

Different towels work best for different applications. For example, when looking for softness and absorbency, find a 100% cotton towel with dense, plush loops on the surface. If you prioritize speedy drying and durability, choose a lighter weight with shorter loops. If you want extremely fluffy towels, try terrycloth—it has tiny twisted loops, creating more surface area to soak up water.

A cotton towel is the best kind to keep near your bathtub or shower. For your gym bag, you might want a low-pile towel (one with short loops) for quick drying or an antibacterial one to keep it germ-free as you carry it to the gym, the shower, and back home. Antibacterial towels are best for bathrooms or showers with limited ventilation. Linen towels are more absorbent than cotton and make great hand towels, so they’re ideal for the powder room or kitchen.

Nordifakt towels meet all these criteria, especially with their higher weight and antibacterial qualities. Plus, they’re all sustainable.

So, a Towel Is Sustainable—but What Else?

Gone are the days when a towel was just a towel. Organic materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes coupled with new technologies produce good towels that are both sustainable and technologically advanced. For instance, antibacterial or antimicrobial technology infuses textiles with silver to reduce the growth of bacteria. Silver is a rare and precious metal believed to control infections and reduce the spread of disease. It even has anti-aging properties.

Nordifakt treats all its towels and bedding with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology—manufacturers apply low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride) at the final stages of textile production. This process prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes, and it eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, keeping Nordifakt’s towels and bedding fresher and sweet-smelling longer. Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology is OEKO-TEX® and Bluesign® approved.

Towels can be ideal Petri dishes for breeding bacteria. Hand towels used by multiple people in a household are especially susceptible—bacteria thrive in the moist environment and pass easily from person to person. Towels treated with antibacterial technology can keep your home safer and your family healthier.

Viruses, illness-causing bacteria, mold, and mites won’t grow in these towels, resulting in fewer sick days and reduced allergy symptoms. Antimicrobial towels also kill bacteria that can cause acne and fungi that can cause conditions like athlete’s foot. Finally, antimicrobial towels stay cleaner longer, eliminating the need to wash them daily and saving you time, water, and energy. Concerned about your bathroom or kitchen getting smelly? No need—these towels knock out odor-causing bacteria, too.

When it came to naming our products, we as native Danes from Denmark who live in Copenhagen, are proud Scandinavians and we wanted to celebrate the beautiful cities and areas of Scandinavia. From North to South and East to West. It therefore also felt like a no-brainer when we in the very beginning named our first product the Copenhagen Towel.

Nordifakt Picks: Best Towel and Textile Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Nordifakt makes it easy to find the right gift for virtually any occasion with products that are luxurious, practical, and sustainable. Made with advanced antimicrobial properties, these products keep you and your family healthy and your home fresh-smelling by inhibiting bacterial growth at the source. These properties also enhance your linen’s durability—because the textiles are naturally bacteria- and odor-resistant, you don’t have to wash them as often. When you select Nordifakt absorbent dish towels, bath towels, and luxury bedding, you give a thoughtful, long-lasting, practical, and eco-friendly gift that can keep your friends and family healthy.

Here are some of the best towel and linen gift ideas for any occasion, including luxury bath towels, the best drying dish towels, and comfy throw blankets.

Frederiksberg linen absorbent: Our best drying dish towels - shown below.

absorbent dish towels and the best drying dish towels

Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel in Goldenrod by Nordifakt

Kitchen linens—particularly dish towels—make great versatile gifts for newlyweds, hostesses, and those moving into a new home, but they can also make fine holiday, birthday, and just-because gifts. The Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel is 100% linen and treated with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology, placing it among the best drying dish towels available today. Purchase them individually or in a package of three, and they come in five different colors: blue mirage, deep ocean, mushroom, sand, and goldenrod.

Why do we love these best drying dish towels? “Most people know the feeling of a dish towel that does not dry - at least we do and that is why we thoroughly tested our Frederiksberg Dish Towel to make sure it meets everybodys expectations. It dries really well.”

Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towels are machine washable, but there’s no need for hot water and harsh detergents or bleach. Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology prevents bacteria from growing, so you can launder these linen dish towels at low temperatures and their colors won’t fade.

Gift Idea

You don’t even have to wrap these absorbent dish towels. Simply roll each towel, tie it with twine or raffia, and attach a small label for the occasion. Place in a small basket, salad bowl, serving dish, or even a saucepan. If you are doing a gift basket, you can add kitchen utensils, small jars of jam or jelly, or packages of cocoa mix or coffee.

Skagen Towel Set shown below.

absorbent dish towels and best drying dish towels

Skagen Towel by Nordifakt

Towels for the bathroom make excellent gifts for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, graduations, birthdays, and holidays. Towels are available individually or as a set that includes two hand towels and two bath towels, which is an especially good gift—the matching pieces add a lavish touch to any bathroom décor. The luxurious Skagen Towel Set consists of especially plush and highly absorbent towels. These towels are 100% cotton and treated with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology. They also received the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. Like the Antibacterial Frederiksberg Linen Dish Towel, you can launder them at low temperatures with no need for hot water, harsh detergents, or bleach.

These cotton towels have a premium 800-gram weight and are extra soft and highly absorbent. The towels come in four colors—oat, dove grey, slate grey, and warm caramel—and standard sizes: the face towel is 30 x 30 centimeters or 12 x 12 inches; the hand towel is 45 x 80 centimeters or 18 x 32 inches, and the bath towel is 76 x 142 centimeters or 30 x 56 inches.

Gift Idea

Solid color towels and other linens are thoughtful choices that won’t compete with someone’s décor. Everyone from the matriarch of the family to the young college student outfitting a dorm room will love the sophisticated neutral color options.

Skagen Throw Blanket shown below.

towel solutionsStockholm Throw Blanket in Oat by Nordifakt

Though not a towel or traditional linen, a throw blanket is another great textile choice for a gift and is especially welcome for a holiday, housewarming, or birthday. It’s a good choice for a couple who cuddles together to watch television or for an older relative who feels the evening chill. A cozy throw blanket will wrap your loved one in warmth and softness.

It’s important to note that, although they both provide warmth, blankets and throws are not the same things. Blankets are usually large and layered on a bed between the sheet and the duvet cover, while throws are portable. You can also use throws as decorative accents on top of a duvet cover or draped across the back of a sofa or chair, and they make great warm-weather picnic blankets at the park or the beach.

The Stockholm Throw Blanket is made from 100% organic cotton. Like Nordifakt’s other products, it’s treated with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology and has a STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®. This luxuriously soft, generously large blanket is perfect for lazy evenings on the patio or in the den watching television. The fringed throw comes in four colors—oat, fog grey, Mandalay blue, and stormy—and measures 170 x 220 centimeters or 67 x 87 inches. The Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology prohibits bacteria from forming, so you can launder it at low temperatures without bleach or harsh detergents. It should be line dried, not placed in a dryer.

Besides the antibacterial technology, it's the absolute softness and size of the Stockholm Throw that we truly love! Big enough to cuddle up in, and beautiful enough to decorate your sofa or bed. It truly is a luxurious product that will have your guests green with envy.
- Trine

Gift Idea

A throw may be the perfect gift for a pet owner who wants to keep furniture pristine. Draping a throw on a chair or the end of the couch the dog or cat prefers will keep the furniture free of animal hair and provide a warm and welcoming spot for the pooch or kitty.

Why Towels Make an AWESOME Gift

Towels and other linens are practical gifts and can be quite luxurious. New towels and linens brighten anyone’s day—there are few things better than wrapping yourself in a plush towel. Anyone would welcome new towels that are technologically advanced and better for both the home and the environment.

Fluffy, absorbent dish towels or bath towels can make your friend or relative feel pampered when they step out of the shower or tub. Paired with luxury bath soaps, artistically designed bath bombs, spa treatments, candles, or scent diffusers, the gift becomes a spa in a box—perfect for the person in your life that values self-care and loves relaxing downtime.

Though every household has absorbent towels, many people keep using theirs long past their prime, and those linens may not be something they want to offer visiting friends or relatives. Having multiple sets of absorbent dish towels or bath towels in the home enables your friend to always provide something special to guests.

Your friends and relatives will thank you for choosing gifts with their health and the health of the planet in mind. Antibacterial linens reduce your friends’ and relatives’ weekly wash loads so they use less water and electricity, and the ease of care extends the lifespan of their linen gifts.

Make Gift-Giving Environmentally Friendly With Nordifakt

Elegant, absorbent dish towels in the kitchen and fluffy, luxurious bath towels are thoughtful presents your friends and relatives will use every day. These sustainable and antibacterial gifts protect the environment and safeguard the health of those who use them.

For the perfect gifts for your friends and relatives, Nordifakt’s towels, kitchen linens, throw blankets, and more are excellent choices. Your friends and family will swoon over the luxurious quality while feeling good about using eco-friendly products that eliminate odors and keep their loved ones healthy. You’ll want to pick some up for yourself, too.

Check out the complete line of antibacterial products Nordifakt has to offer.

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