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Skagen Towel
Skagen Towel
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Skagen Towel Oat
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Skagen Towel Caramel
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Antibacterial Skagen Towel
Antibacterial Skagen Towel
Antibacterial Skagen Towel
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Antibacterial Skagen Towel

Antibacterial Skagen Towel


Made of 100% organic cotton

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  certificate no. 10201CIT Citeve

Sustainably produced in Portugal

Plush, luxurious and highly absorbent. Loomed in a premium 800 gram weight.

The Skagen towel is treated with Polygiene BioStatic Stays Fresh technology, a safe antibacterial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria. Without bacteria present, you no longer have to worry about smelly bacteria-spreading towels and you will always dry off in a fresh towel.

Machine washable – we recommend washing at low temperatures since the technology prevents bacteria from growing. You can also wash your towels much less saving both time and water, while making you and the environment a little happier.


Face Towel 30 x 30 cm 12 x 12 in
Hand Towel 45 x 80 cm 18 x 32 in
Bath Towel 76 x 142 cm 30 x 56 in
Kills 99.9% of bacteria
Wash less, saving you time
Eliminates Odor
Acne Reducing
Stays Fresh
100% recyclable
OEKO-TEX® certified, STANDARD 100
Sustainably produced in Portugal

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