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Anti-bacterial washcloths

Our anti-bacterial face towels are the perfect solution for anyone looking for 100% organic, sustainable washcloths. All of our towels, including the face towels, are treated with a revolutionary technology called Polygiene® that inhibits the growth of all odor causing bacteria. This ensures that your washcloth stays fresh and bacteria free for a longer time and in the end requires much less washing.


Antibacterial Skagen Towel


Polygiene® face towels

All of the Nordifakt towels are infused with the sustainable Polygiene® BioStatic Stays Fresh technology. This technology is based on a natural silver salt solution, which has an anti-bacterial feature. This means that sweat, humidity and heat which make bacteria grow and is a breeding ground for bacteria, gets neutralized by the towel. You get a washcloth that doesn't smell, that reduces acne and that doesn't require to be washed as often. Lab tests show that the Polygiene® infused technology works for the lifetime of the towels. Read more about the technology and how it works here.

Acne reducing face towels

Do you struggle with acne or have an acne prone skin? Then you should consider a towel that reduces this, by taking all of the bacteria out of the picture. Did you know that regular face towels and washcloths quickly become full of bacteria and microbes, which cause skin irritation, acne and impurities? If you struggle with acne or facial impurities you definitely don't want to dry your face with a regular towel after washing your face, as this will just reintroduce a lot of bacteria and microbes back onto your skin. Instead you should consider using an anti-bacterial towel to enhance your skin routine even further. As all our towels are infused with the Polygiene® technology and thereby kills 99,9% of bacteria, it is also acne reducing, as you will keep your skin clean when drying it after cleansing your face.

Face towels that require less washing

Most face towels and towels in general are not sustainable as they have to be washed quite often, resulting in a waste of water and electricity. This all changes now. All of our the Nordifakt towels are bacteria-free and stay fresh for longer, which means means that they don't need to be washed as often as regular towels and that they can be washed at lower temperatures. This is good news for the environment as it saves thousands litres of water per household and even more CO2.

Sustainably produced

Our face towels and washcloths are sustainably produced in Portugal and only with 100% OEKO-TEX® certified organic cotton. In addition to the towels having a much longer lifetime, they are also 100% recyclable and micro plastic free, ensuring a fully sustainable product in both its lifetime and afterwards.